I agree that Wings of the Eagle on its power level but I posit instead reducing the duration to to rounds/level, making it a combat spell, which fits more with Paladins in my book. Possibly making it a Swift action cast as well. Druids and Wizards got away with flying with 2nd level spells in 3.5, so why not now?

For Minor Miracle, I think you're a tad over zealous with it, as going by Miracle and Wish, it allows duplicating any spell of a level lower on your list and spells of 2 levels lower on any other list. What I'd do is make it flat 3rd level for duplication, which gives it a punch but doesn't just become the Pally Anyspell that it currently is. You also say "see text" for components but then don't say anything about it. If you're not sure what to go by on that front, Limited Wish comes online at that level, so you may want to use that as a guideline for that and what type of effects you want it to generate.