I still say Wings of the Eagle is a tad too strong for a 1st level spell, even counting rounds per level. Swift Fly, which is a 2nd level spell for most people (druids get it at 3rd), lasts only for 1 round. Paladins would get an exclusive version for combat, but I don't think it'd be any better than just taking Animal Devotion, since you can get the wings for them as well, and they last for 1 minute. I do like the idea of an Air Walk-ish ability you can cast on yourself or your special mount, though, at those levels: it's closer to what a Paladin would work with. I'd keep Wings of the Eagle, but at 2nd level, and maybe give them an extra bonus (being "Wings of the Eagle", I'd also give a bonus to Charisma, because they definitely need it).

Unfettered Stride would work wonders on a Ranger; not so much for a Pally. Perhaps it's just me, but it's basically lacking something. I'd make it so that you'd ignore movement restrictions when wearing armor, and probably Armor Check Penalty with Climb and Jump checks as well. The bonus on saving throws against anything that FoM blocks is decent, but not something overwhelming, and it doesn't affect other things. I'd also grant the bonus to Strength checks to break from an entangling fetter (such as the Web spell), or to escape from grapples. That might make it all purpose, though.

Holy Inspiration and Minor Miracle, on the other hand, are kinda iffy. The former is a nerfed Divination, while the latter is basically Limited Wish but exclusive to one class, whereas the one that DOES have Miracle doesn't get something like that. Really don't find any feel for them, particularly for the latter: while I wouldn't protest to grant the Paladin a very nice spell that worked for many purposes as a 4th level spell, it doesn't feel appropriate from a fluff perspective. Then again, I find Miracle and Wish shouldn't be spells (rituals, at the very least).

Pitching on what a Paladin should get, on the other hand... Some spells that boost offensive would be great. Flame of Faith, Deafening Clang, Rhino's Rush, Divine Sacrifice (all SpC), Blessing of the Righteous and Meteoric Strike (PHB II) work nicely, though some levels could use a change (Meteoric Strike should be a 3rd level spell, because 3rd level Paladin spells could use some boost). Something along those lines would be nice, particularly if you could add some fluffy banes: for example, Undead Bane Weapon works excellently for undead creatures, but nothing for evil outsiders? I'd love to see a few more retribution spells (spells that make hitting the Paladin or his/her allies a bad idea) added to the list as well. Some more spells enabling actions would be very useful: say, a spell that allows you to turn the area you walk into difficult terrain, or a spell that grants you Combat Reflexes and allows you to use your Wisdom or Charisma to determine attacks of opportunity, or a spell that you can use as an immediate action, allows you to attack as if an AoO (but without expending your AoO) and deal extra damage if the enemy attacks a nearby ally.

As a good point of consideration: a 1st level paladin spell should be as good as a great 1st level spell or a poor 2nd level spell for any proper spellcasting class, a 2nd level paladin spell should be as good as a great 2nd level spell or a decent 3rd level spell, a 3rd level spell should be as good as a great 3rd or 4th level spell, and a 4th level paladin spell should be as great as a 5th or 6th level spell.