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Thread: Paladin Spells (3.PF) PEACH

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    Quote Originally Posted by T.G. Oskar View Post
    I still say Wings of the Eagle is a tad too strong for a 1st level spell, even counting rounds per level. Swift Fly, which is a 2nd level spell for most people (druids get it at 3rd), lasts only for 1 round. Paladins would get an exclusive version for combat, but I don't think it'd be any better than just taking Animal Devotion, since you can get the wings for them as well, and they last for 1 minute. I do like the idea of an Air Walk-ish ability you can cast on yourself or your special mount, though, at those levels: it's closer to what a Paladin would work with. I'd keep Wings of the Eagle, but at 2nd level, and maybe give them an extra bonus (being "Wings of the Eagle", I'd also give a bonus to Charisma, because they definitely need it).
    I don't know. Swift fly lasts one round and is available at 3rd, fly lasts 1 min/level and is available at 5th, so why can't wings of the eagle be 1 rd/level and available at 4th? Seems like a logical progression to me.

    Pitching on what a Paladin should get, on the other hand... Some spells that boost offensive would be great. Flame of Faith, Deafening Clang, Rhino's Rush, Divine Sacrifice (all SpC), Blessing of the Righteous and Meteoric Strike (PHB II) work nicely, though some levels could use a change
    I don't understand. These are all already paladin spells. Are you suggesting these as his prepared spells or what?
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