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Thread: Paladin Spells (3.PF) PEACH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maquise View Post
    Seraphi, your earlier post must've ninja'd me. I'll make sure to add the subschool to Wings of the Eagle.

    As for Champion of the Gods, Smite Evil already automatically ignores DR, so something else is needed.
    You're right. Still, the ability to ignore regeneration is really nice, but I'll remove that and come up with something else...hmm...

    Edit: There we go! For the offense, ignore hardness and regeneration. For the defense, SR 12+level...nah. The defense is good, but regeneration is just too uncommon...I need something more realistic. Hold on.

    Edit: There we go! Ability damage! Oops, gotta add the [Good] descriptor, but then it'll be perfect.
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