There's a Dreadnought in one of the Dark Angel's HH books - the implication seemed to be that it was basically a way for critically injured marines to continue fighting and act as heavy duty face-wreckers.

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Looking good! I'd suggest maybe putting some typical "Thought for the day" or such on the bottom of each page - you know, all those "an open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred" and "blessed the mind too narrow for doubt" quotes that demonstrate so aptly what an oppressive, anti-intellectual regime the Imperium is. It would serve as a rather nice contrast to the much more "normal" newspaper and emphasize to the players that this is not just our society with more tech.
As others said, there is one there - I've kept only one per issue so I don't run out of line too quickly There's also the date, so I'll have the next issue correspond with whatever date they return to either Footfall, Port Wander or a couple of civilised worlds (the only places to get the Gazetter!).

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Don't press Thariously?
Doesn't come out right? Ah well, I'll just let any Explorator characters know or keep thte others wondering I used this converter if anyone's interested.

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Wasn't "Praise the sun that brings the dawn of our final doom" a Tolkien quote though? Still, it fits quite well- even if lacking in the traditional Imperium attitude.
It's from the RT era Compendium as far as I know.

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I must confess that I actually stole those as a future reference if I ever need to make newspapers for my D&D group.
But I would like to point out that I have a bit of a hard time making out the titles, I don't know whether is it due to resolution or font, but I have to really focus on titles to read them.
I'm not entirely sure that's a bad thing - I'm trying to emulate Victorian newspapers with their (to our design sensabilities) illegible walls of text. Since I actually want my players to read said text, I decided to make the headers suitably 'gothic'. That and it adds visual interest.

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"Raithe Scrack", indeed?

Very, very good work Zorg. It's been a very long time since I've wanted to play in an RP game as much as this one, after seeing that.
Thankyou, I hope my players feel the same way

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Edit: I'm guessing Janrak Spargan is descended from a legendary pirate who sailed the old Terra Caribbean sea, and is that Battle Angel Alita and Miss Fortune from League of Legends for Gilma Locsin and Lady Orelans respectively?
Possibly, I just stole them wholesale utilised the resources made available by Fantasy Flight- they're all their characters. Interesting to know there's still lazy name stealing humourous homages going into 40k products.

Oh and an idea for the next bit of techspeak:
01001000 0110000 1011101 1001100 1010010 0000011 1100101 1011110 1110101 0010000 0011101 0001110 0100110 1001011 0010101 1001000 0100000 0111010 0011101 0101110 0100110 1110011 0100101 1011100 1100111 0010000 0011010 0101110 1000010 0000011 01111011 0011001 1001100 0100000 0111010 0011010 0001100 1010110 1110001 0000001 1011110 1101110 0010000 0011000 0101100 1110110 0001011 0100101 1011100 0111111
Hi Jen!

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Very nice, good work! Keep them coming when you make new issues for your players. I think I'll supply another story tommorrow, if you like it?
More story ideas are always welcome, as are short adverts, personals and whatnot. If anyone was wondering, the Gee-Ball pics will all be taken from the Rollerball movies.
Printed out a copy and it looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself