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First, I don't know why, but I find this image amusing:

Heh, good one

Spiritual Liege would have thrown that right back and asked where Russ was during that battle, and pointed out that he kept 100.000 Heretical Marines at bay when the Wolf just kept running randomly
One of the possible reasons Horus let the Emperor board his ship was that the Wolves and Dark Angels were coming and if he didn't hurry up and kill the Emperor he'd get trapped between the loyalist armies, so they were (possibly) highly instrumental in Horus' defeat.

Haven't latest IA introduced anti-Marine Chapters? Minotaurs? Executioners? Carcharodons?
Only the Minotaurs are anythign 'anti-Marine'. Executioners love a good fight, and Marines give the best, but they're not better at it than anyone else. Charcharodons just enjoy destroying anyone and everything.

The same Imperial Guard that held against 100+ Chapters worth of Chaos Marines on Armageddon, eliminating a few dozen worth permanently? Or the same Imperial Guard who failed to held Cadia 13 14 times?
Wel,l Armageddon was about to be overrun, and the only reason it wasn't was that Angron stuffed around piling up skulls rather than attacking, giving the GKs time to arrive and Grimnar to set his trap.
If Angron had just got on with the skulltaking they would have wiped out the defenders entirely (and likely cripple or destroyed the Wolves into the bargain)