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And the problem with a +4 bonus to Charisma is that eagle's splendor is already a 2nd level paladin spell, so clearly what you're considering is too powerful.
A +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma and flight for rounds/level isn't that powerful, which is what I would have aimed off. That, or +2 sacred bonus so that it became much more powerful later on (because then it'd stack with Eagle's Splendor and others).

Still, regarding your first reply:

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I don't know. Swift fly lasts one round and is available at 3rd, fly lasts 1 min/level and is available at 5th, so why can't wings of the eagle be 1 rd/level and available at 4th? Seems like a logical progression to me.
Perhaps a standard action, round/level flight spell might work as a 1st level spell, but it's the swift action that bothers me a bit. I guess I can concede that given it's a self-only spell?

It becomes slightly stronger if you use 3.5 mechanics instead, though, because that's two rounds of flight right there (instead of one), and as a swift action you can just use it and fly off. The issue balances out at 5th and becomes a non-issue at 7th, but then at 8th level you could migrate the same spell, add a minor benefit that makes it worthwhile (and different from Master Air, may I add), and still get a suitable benefit.

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I don't understand. These are all already paladin spells. Are you suggesting these as his prepared spells or what?
Of course not. I was suggesting that, since the Paladin gets spells like that, the OP should make one or two spells that complete that list, preferably at earlier levels when the Paladin needs to spend his/her slots on something useful in combat but not too specific.

As an example: Flame of Faith is a bit so-so because Flaming Burst is great, but fire resistance exists everywhere. A Shocking (not Shocking Burst) equivalent could be a 2nd level spell, or maybe a Thundering-imbuing spell. That reinforces damage from Paladins a bit, if they are to compete with maneuver users and spellcasters (it IS a 3.PF thread, after all). Ways to turn spells into special options from attacks (a spell that imbues the Paladin with the ability to turn their first attack into a dazing attack against enemies to which s/he uses Smite Evil, for example) should be an option, and I simply mentioned spells that already exist so as to give the OP ideas.

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An additional thing on the perceived power, you should compare the spell to Master Air, the 2nd level Druid spell that gives flight for rounds/level. No self-respecting Druid bothers with Swift Fly when they have that. Considering a Pally is only getting 1 or 2 spells at 4th, getting 1 round of flight (CL 1, remember?) isn't breaking the bank when the full casters are throwing around fire and holy smitings of their own.
That's something I don't like much from Pathfinder, since starting at CL 1st is generally a bad idea when the 3.5 Paladin started at CL 2nd. Two rounds of flight work better than one round, even if at the end they get 16 rounds of flight to the 3.5 Paladin's 10-14 (based on whether you could use Practiced Spellcaster or not). Also, Master Air takes a standard action, whereas Swift Fly takes a swift action, and Quicken Spell is not an option until 11th level. The shift from Standard to Swift is something to consider (do note that the OP is making the spell a swift action). As a 1st level spell, being this meant for "3.PF", an Archivist gets this beauty from 1st level, unless the DM is not so lenient in terms of scrolls (and since a Paladin only needs Scribe Scroll and waste GP, not XP...)