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One of the possible reasons Horus let the Emperor board his ship was that the Wolves and Dark Angels were coming and if he didn't hurry up and kill the Emperor he'd get trapped between the loyalist armies, so they were (possibly) highly instrumental in Horus' defeat.
Eh, out of three coming Legions, Wolves were smallest by far, so their due in this is debatable. On the flip side, if Word Bearer Legion wasn't busy reinforcements might have come after the planet already fallen.

Only the Minotaurs are anythign 'anti-Marine'. Executioners love a good fight, and Marines give the best, but they're not better at it than anyone else. Charcharodons just enjoy destroying anyone and everything.
Pardon moi, but it's kind of like arguing Preferred Enemy:Everything! isn't Preferred Enemy: Space Marines when you do fight them. Semantics

Wel,l Armageddon was about to be overrun, and the only reason it wasn't was that Angron stuffed around piling up skulls rather than attacking, giving the GKs time to arrive and Grimnar to set his trap.
If Angron had just got on with the skulltaking they would have wiped out the defenders entirely (and likely cripple or destroyed the Wolves into the bargain)
...wait, didn't we have someone being expert on WH40K leaders recently? Maybe we should ask him for advice

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Well, okay, there were the Wolf Brothers. But that went so badly that everyone gave up on ever trying to found chapters based on Space Wolf Geneseed ever again.
Codex suggests more that's due to their rebellious nature and lack obedience they were skipped so many times.

The exact number of Space Wolves is undetermined, but it is known that they still maintain pretty much the same numbers they had during the Heresy.
No. They have 12, not 13 companies, and these are 50-450 sized, not pretty much larger Chapters in themselves as before.

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The Imperial Guard have never lost control of Cadia in the entire time it's been colonized. It wasn't until the 13th Black Crusade that Chaos even managed to obtain more than a temporary foothold on its surface.
That was sarcasm :P