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    Tenebras Vampires:

    Much thanks to Terumitsu for how much he's helped in developing this strain of vampirism. Couldn't have done it without him.

    Appearance and Physical Traits:
    All vampires have certain traits marking them for what they are. These traits vary depending on when they've fed. As they are listed, there will often be two extremes for all of these traits. The longer they go without feeding will mean they are closer to the more unnatural appearance. The more recently they've fed, they will look more natural.

    Often times the most obvious trait is their pale skin. Vampires will always look somewhat pale. At it's most extreme their skin will lack most of its colour. At its best they simply look like a normal person who doesn't see the sun very often.

    Vampires' eyes also change when they're turned. Almost always, they turn some shade of red. This can vary from very bright to near black. While their eye colour isn't effected by feeding, their's a certain intensity in them when they're hungry.

    Fangs are another trait that all vampires share. Often times they aren't particularly noticeable. They simply look like overlarge canines. When feeding, however, they slide out and become quite long. Otherwise, this often happens when the vampire hasn't fed in a long time, when they are feeling a particularly strong emotion (often anger), or if they are in combat.

    Changing much the same way, a vampire's hands can also warp into claws. They will often have more control over this than their fangs, but it can still be triggered in many of the same ways.

    Vampires do not, in fact, become more attractive when they are turned. Rather, they look much the same they did at the moment of their turning, with the exception of their skin becoming flawless, save for old scars. They tend to have an ageless quality about them, especially as they age.

    Body Functions:
    A vampire's body is still functional in many ways, though it is greatly changed. They are animated by some combination of magic and actual functioning bodily systems.

    The circulatory system is perhaps the most important due to the vampire's connection with blood. They do in fact still have a functioning heart. It's needed to move their blood around the body. A vampire's body actually consumes the blood throughout the veins and arteries. It is required for regeneration, and if the blood cannot reach the area that needs to heal then the regeneration will be greatly impaired. The body does not need the blood flow to function, but it works better if it does. So that means that a vampire can still live even when the heart is damaged or if they haven't fed enough for there to be enough blood to pump.

    The respiratory system also functions, though the body doesn't need air to survive. The only real purpose it serves is to draw air through the nose to allow for a sense of smell.

    The nervous system is also effected. As detailed next in the Skills and Abilities section, many senses are altered or completely lacking.

    The digestive system is completely inert as they serve no purpose at all any more. Infact, ingesting anything other than blood will be extremely uncomfortable as it will sit idle in the body.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Upon being turned, vampires all have supernatural strength and agility. It is beyond the peak of the vampires' species, but it isn't extreme.

    A vampire's senses are also significantly changed. Sight, hearing, and smell are all greatly enhanced. They can see perfectly at night, even in complete darkness, though colours are dull. The sense of smell is especially enhanced when it comes to blood. They can also sense nearby heartbeats. On the other hand, the sense of taste is all but completely gone. Touch based senses are diminished somewhat, such as pain and heat and cold.

    They can regenerate most wounds far faster than they could heal naturally, though the speed isn't particularly rapid. Only the most grievous wounds won't heal, like severed limbs for instance.

    Vampires have a certain amount of manipulation over their physical forms. They can almost meld into shadows, making them very difficult to see. This can also serve to shelter them from the sunlight while in shady areas. They also can take on a shadowy image of generally fear inspiring things.

    Vampires can hypnotize those vulnerable to such manipulation. It is a conscious act and the vampire needs to meet the target's eyes for a full moment. If it is successful, the target will be more cooperative with the vampire and will follow direct commands.


    While all vampires typically possess all the abilities mentioned here, all have a certain natural tendency to favour abilities from one of three paths. Sometimes to the point that much of the remaining paths are denied to them. As vampires age and gain more experience with their dominant path, the abilities tied to that path become more powerful. This gain is gradual, but certain events could trigger a sudden progression. These three paths are known as Stalkers, Seducers, and Shifters.

    Stalkers: The abilities most strongly associated with Stalkers include the enhanced strength and speed of vampires, their supernatural senses, and their regeneration. The ability to shift their hands and fangs into deadly weapons is attributed to Stalkers as well.

    As the Stalker path becomes more advanced, the vampire's capabilities are enhanced. Their strength and speed reach new heights, putting them far above mere mortals. Their senses grow even more keen. Their regeneration also speeds up, though wounds inflicted by their vulnerabilities are just as damaging and resistant to regeneration as they ever were. Their claws and fangs take one a much more ferocious appearance and serve as even more potent weapons. Stalkers also tend to take on a more feral appearance as they advance on their path. Claws and extended fangs become persistent and they always seem to move like a predator.

    The oldest Stalkers have all but totally given theselves over to their bestial nature. Their whole bodies have changed in shape. Fur covers their body and their claws and fangs are ever present. More often than not they move on all fours.

    Seducers: The ability attributed to Seducers is their ability to manipulate and command lesser beings. Including direct commands and other beguiling influences. A sire's control over their fledglings is also included.

    As the Seducer progresses in their path, issuing commands becomes much easier. They eventually no longer need both eye contact and verbal commands, but can often make do with just one or the other. Maintaining control over lesser beings and their fledglings also becomes far easier. Overall, the vampire becomes more charismatic and able to influence others more easily. They tend to become more physically appealing and move with a grace unmatched by mortals.

    The oldest Seducers are like porcelain dolls, perfect and beautiful. With little more than a thought they command devotion. Often they are accompanied by a complement of their devotees.

    Shifters: The abilities of Shifters include their talent for hiding and disguising themselves in shadow and darkness. It also encompasses their ability to take on the appearance of fear inducing things.

    An advanced Shifter can almost disappear into darkness entirely, and some can even do so fully. The most advanced Shifters can hide in a person's shadow in full daylight. Indirect sunlight still weakens then, however. Many can turn into a wisp of shadow in order to fly and move about unnoticed. They can also take on more complete fear inducing shapes and even manipulate themselves and the darkness around them to be tailored to the fears of their targets. They can also can sense when a person is afraid. Sometimes, if a person is terrified enough, the shadowy forms can even effect them physically. Advanced Shifters tend to be unsettling to look at or hear, and more difficult to keep track of unless someone is specifically watching them. They have a natural tendency toward stealth, and are more difficult to detect with most senses.

    The oldest Shifters are barely more than half seen shadows, terrors in the night. They have no true physical bodies anymore. From shadow they form any visage they want, and only manifest physically to feed.

    The sun is a vampire's greatest weakness. While in the sun, all the vampire's supernatural abilities are denied them. Furthermore, they will often be further weakened to a less than natural level. The sun is also very uncomfortable for a vampire, though not painful.

    Stopping a vampire's blood flow paralyzes them. Most commonly this would involve dealing the heart significant damage. Movement is regained when blood flow begins again.

    Any substance that is considered holy and blessed items can ward off vampires and are painful to the touch if specifically wielded against the vampire. This is, of course, only if the deity in question opposes vampires or undead in some way.

    Anything made of gold is somewhat painful and agitating to touch. Wounds inflicted by gold weaponry will regenerate much slower, are significantly more painful, and can even leave scars.

    There are only four ways to truly kill a vampire. Severe the head, utterly destroy the heart, incineration, and draining all the blood from their body.

    The Curse and Feeding:
    The vampire curse was first created by a sun god. It is not a disease or otherwise, it is a divine curse. It is spread deliberately by a vampire. The new vampire must be drained of much of their blood then must drink some of the vampire's blood. The heart will stop beating due to a lack of blood, but will start up again once the vampire has fed.

    Vampires are compelled to drink the blood of sapient beings, both by the curse and by a basic survival instinct. If they go for too long without feeding, they will eventually weaken, then die. The blood doesn't have to be taken directly from a living being, but it's generally more satisfying if it is.

    They can either drink the blood normally, or it can be drawn through their fangs. When it is drawn through their fangs it's much faster than any normal suction could achieve.

    A vampire actually needs a fairly small amount per day to survive, and this amount decreases with age. That said, the compulsion to drink more is always there, and there are benefits to doing so.

    If a large amount of blood is consumed, the vampire will look very near living and natural. This even extends to how they react to the sun. With a large amount of blood, they will be near living while in the sunlight. However, they still lack supernatural abilities and the sun is still uncomfortable.

    Since the vampire's veins and arteries are where the blood is stored, it is possible for a vampire to be full. For a brief period of time the compulsion to drink blood will be completely absent because of this. On the other hand, when a vampire is full they often are lethargic.

    Vampires do not truly need to sleep. However, during the day the curse compels them to sleep though a practiced vampire can stay awake. While the vampire is asleep, their body shows no signs of life. They're in a completely dormant state. This sleep is very deep and and can be difficult to wake from during the day.

    A new vampire, or a fledgling are generally subservient to their sires though a mental compulsion. That said, there are a number of ways this compulsion can be broken. A young vampire will have a much harder time controlling their fledglings. As a vampire ages they might break free from their sires.

    As I flesh this out and come up with more information, it will be updated.
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