Ch 12 Really kids? Nintendo might need to update what they think is child appropriate

Well I figured I had a pass to go on a boat. Might as well enjoy it while I could. This was the last day the SS.anne was scheduled to be in Vermillion's port. So I dressed up fancily, and proceeded to walk to the harbor.


No I figured I'd use my leet skillz to sneak it, by just walking up.

I refuse to believe that worked!

Well my team can handle it!

Nah I'm good.

Oh... oh. I think I will take a rest.

You know, I have a little sister too. Sweet little girl, but she is so shy.
Thank you for letting me fuss over you miss. *sigh* I just... I wish she was still here.
Not crying, not crying

Um... are you sure the mind controlled creatures are the best of friends?

She'll figure out a way to see all of your joints!
Oh god! It's so scary!

Yeah, she can't see any of my joints now!

Yeah, mud wrestling time.
Even if I were not in a fancy dress. No!

*sigh* They're still alive.

They're not my friends though.

Wait can we do this?

Oh good.

You know you're kind of right. Why do I barge in to everyone's rooms?
Yeah back in my day, Children had manners, they were raised to always be polite. They said please and thank you, even when they got nothing!
I think... I just met a kindred spirit.
Oh really. What was it like when you were a kid?

Well you see....

I know right! She gave me magic mind control powers without even asking if it was okay!
Yeah back when I was a kid we didn't have Magical mind control powers...
Except for HSOWA
Should I get you two a room?

I will set my six pokemon on you if you call me a waitress again.

Huh? Do you have any Hoenn native pokemon? My parents are both from Hoenn.

You traveled around the world, to catch pokemon you could of just caught here? You idiot.

I'm sorry, if you have a problem with me beating up your pokemon after you challenged me, please call 1800 suck it up

Um... I guess you have the makings of a day-care man.

Yes, I am.

Yeah, not touching that.

Huh Break brick. And Jango can learn it, Do you want to?
I'd rather learn Dream eater.

Uh okay...

I can see your dreams, but I just want to eat them!


No I don't.

No thank you.

Oh no! Biollante protect Mommy!

I'll kill you all for threatening Mommy!!!!!!!!

And well, the cleaning crew is going to have a lot of work in that room. But that man deserved it.

I know. I've battled a few of you.

That makes sense.

I'm from Pallet town.

I'm master of the sky

Um thank you?

Team Aqua?

How is that thing from the seas! That makes no sense!
Just like when I was a kid.

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