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Thread: So, I'm gonna play Shadowrun

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    Well, there's a few things:

    Watch Your Back
    Being able to see the enemy coming will save your bacon more times than any but the most abusive builds. Cyber-eyes are cheap, goggles and lenses are cheaper and they can all sport vision-enhancements. Doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in some perception skills, but sometimes infrared or (god help us) echolocation via ultrasound can help eliminate penalties.
    Also, always plan for a quick exfiltration. I don't care if you think you've got it under control, if things go pear-shaped move it. Dead people don't get paid (HMMV not withstanding).

    Shoot Straight
    Whether from drones or your own skills, learn to use a ranged weapon. Even if you're an angel of death when wielding your katana, eventually you will need to hurt someone where you can't or shouldn't enter melee.
    If you're worried about killing, either because of morality or because it brings unnecessary heat, get some capsule rounds and fill it with drugs or toxins; Slab is my personal favourite, as it causes at least 1 hour of unconsciousness and more likely in the region of 10. Doesn't work on drones though, so pack something else for that. Stick & Shock may or may not be available for purchase in your neighbourhood, but it works wonders against anything you may meet, whether alive, dead or in-between.

    Conserve Ammo
    That said, don't fire a shot, unless you have to. With Slab capsule rounds, the main issue is how fragging expensive they are. Also, sometimes a quick lie (or even a partial truth) can turn a potential bloodbath into a simple business arrangement.
    And again, there's the issue of killing. The more people you kill, the more likely whatever 'corp you're dealing with will decide to send people after you. If you find yourself in a group of runners that think with their guns, either find a new team or find a place where they'll draw the heat while you get the paydata.

    Never trust an elf
    In the world of shadowrunning, social engineering is king. You need a fixer you can trust, leverage enough to prevent your Johnson from double-crossing you and a safe spot or two you can be sure no one will blabber on about.
    So you did that already? Guess you're feeling pretty smart about that, aren't you? Well, listen up, 'cause this is where the difference between a prime runner and a dead runner comes into play: Those other guys know all the tricks you do. Think about that for a minute.
    Most will tell you that elves are best for social engineering, and they're mostly right. A lot of elves manage to exude a fragload of charisma and magnetism, which'll leave you hanging on their every word. Don't fall for this.
    Every secret you have is worth something to someone. Your security information is worth even more to your enemies than it is to you, so don't compromise it!
    Met that hot elf chick at a bar, who wants to go home to your place? After a quick look to see that she isn't carrying more firepower than to be expected (if you didn't get those visual enhancements yet, then how are you even alive?) and do a quick check on the 'trix to see if things add up. With all the social networking most people do, you'll at least know that whoever set you up did their homework.

    And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.
    The bigger, badder, richer and more powerful a person you're dealing with, the more likely you're getting the short of it. Some Johnsons may betray you, some may underpay, some may "forget" to give you crucial information.
    There's professional pride in finishing a crappy job, but there's only scorn people who don't know when to walk away.

    Got that, omae?
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