Lessee.... That mountain range that make us the border between Sunshan and the Dotze Affariata? That could be a peninsula sinking into an archipelago.

Oh, and maybe something to identify what's water and what's not. It's not a big deal, and I can figure it out, but that would be nice.

If the Vallheim could stretch up farther, that would be great, I had vague visions of Giants in the last expanse of Canada. Maybe a land bridge between Vallheim and the landmass to the north?

Also, what is that little thing to the north? More land, I guess? Now that I think about it, there doesn't really need to be a land bridge, as long as the channel there is narrow enough to make it worth considering crossing.

Minor nitpick, but Urgals aren't limited to their own area. They're spread out across the western bits of all the nations, aside from Sunshan. But that's very minor.

It seems natural for the rivers leaving Soleh to form a small delta.

I like this a lot, it gets the shapes of everything about right. If I can find a true artist (not that you're not one, but you know what I mean), like someone from the Cartographer's Guild, would you mind letting me use this to make a nice artsy-fartsy tolkienesque version? This is great, but I have an affection for fancy, realistic looking maps.

Thanks again!