Kirin Amne

Alias: Kay!
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Felinoid
Age: late teens? In college.
Alignment: Neutral good
Class/Profession: Conspiracy theorist and part-time adventurer
Power Rating: D range, despite equipment.
Description:A cat girl with cream fur and black stripes. Often wears blue clothes, but changes her outfit frequently. About average height, skinny. It may look like anorexia to people who donít know much about said disease, but she in fact very healthy. She simply has a metabolic disorder that burns carbohydrates at an unhealthy rate. This has a side effect of giving her an almost unbelievable appetite.
Personality: Energetic, upbeat, and a bit ditzy. A conspiracy theorist, albeit not too insane of one.
Equipment: Adventurer backpack, transuniversal boomerang, Devonbladerís Deck.

The transuniversal boomerang is a purple boomerang with odd, shifting orange patterns on (or maybe in) it. It has a varying effect, seemingly random. Most of the effects harm the target, but many also simply boost the user. Effects that hurt the user or help the target are also present.

The deck has a number of effects, all of them permanent. Both blessings and curses are in the deck, making Kirin hesitant to use it or even carry it around. She feels she doesnít have a choice on the matter, that someone has to keep an eye on it and it might as well be her.

She is surprisingly capable at playing the social structure and getting to know the right people. Good with her boomerang and ranged attacks, not as skilled in melee. Tougher than a regular person, but not too tough.
Backstory: It will be written as it comes up.