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    Default Re: The Warlock - a massive rewrite [3.5 Base Class WIP]


    Blended Essence
    Prerequisite: Eldritch blast 3d6, knowledge of two or more eldritch essences
    Benefit: Three times per day you may apply two eldritch essences at once to your eldritch blast. At least one of them must be at least one grade lower than the highest grade invocation you know. You must declare the use of this feat before you use the ability.

    Eldritch Penetration
    Prerequisite: Eldritch blast ability
    Benefit: You get a +4 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance.

    Grappling Blast
    Found in Dragon 358, page 87.

    Imbue Runestaff
    Prerequisite: Knowledge of at least one least invocation
    Benefit: You can use your invocations to power the spells stored within runstaffs. As a full-round action you may infuse a runestaff with one invocation you know. If you do you lose access to that invocation for 24 hours or until you have rested for 8 eight hours. Any continuing effects of the invocation immediately end, but you gain access to the spells within the runestaff. You may cast up to three spells in the runestaff equal to or lower than the equivalent spell level of the used invocation as if you had sacrificed a prepared spell.

    Inexorable Heritage
    Prerequisite: Heritage class ability
    Benefit: You are considered to be up to 2 levels higher, up to a maximum of your hit dice, for determining what Heritage abilities you have.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.


    Price: +1 bonus
    Property: Melee weapon
    Caster Level: 6th
    Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) abjuration
    Activation: --

    This weapon emits a sense of calm that steadies your aim.

    An aiming weapon allows the wielder to transfer some or all of the weaponís enhancement bonus to ranged touch attacks he makes with spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. As a free action, the wielder chooses how to allocate the weaponís enhancement bonus at the start of his turn before using the weapon, and the effect to ranged attack rolls lasts until his next turn.
    Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, targeting ray SC219
    Cost to Create: Varies.

    Gauntlets of Eldritch Power
    Found in Magic Item Compendium, page 102. Update pending.

    Gloves of Eldritch Admixture
    Found in Magic Item Compendium, page 105. Update pending.

    Stole of Arcane PowerReplaces Chasuble of Fell Power, MIC 85
    Price: 8,000 gp (lesser), 18,000 gp (greater)
    Body Slot: Throat
    Caster Level: 6th (lesser), 9th (greater)
    Aura: Moderate; DC 18 (lesser), DC 19 (greater) evocation
    Activation: --
    Weight: --

    Eldritch symbols are woven through this long strip of cloth, their colors shifting endlessly as the light hits them.

    Each stole of arcane power is attuned to either Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law.
    Lesser: While wearing one, spells you cast with a matching alignment descriptor deal an additional 1d6 points of damage, if the spells deal hit point damage. If you arenít an opposing alignment, your eldritch blast deals an additional die of damage.
    Greater: As the lesser version, except instead it adds an extra 2d6 points of damage to your aligned spells and your eldritch blast deals an additional 2 dice of damage.
    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, eldritch blast or chaos hammer (chaos), holy smite (good), orderís wrath (law), unholy blight (evil)
    Cost to create: 4,000 gp, 320 XP, 8 days (lesser); 9,000 gp, 720 XP, 18 days (greater)

    Rod of Eldritch Power
    Found in Complete Mage, page 127.

    Warlockís Scepter
    Found in Magic Item Compendium, page 63. Update pending.

    Change Log (3/18/2012)
    • Changed the progression of Aberrant lineage from UE/MS/IUE/AR... to MS/UE/AR/IUE...
    • Changed the progression of Undead lineage from SoU/DC/LS/ISoU/IDC/LD/ISoU/IDC/ISoU to DC/SoU/LS/ISoU/IDC/ISoU/LD/ISoU/IDC
    • Angelic Warlocks may suppress or resume their aura as a free action
    • Fey Warlocks now get Woodland Stride at 2nd level and DR at 4th
    • Creatures with true seeing get an auto save to disbelieve 20th Feyílock illusions
    • Infernalís silver tongue now offers a save and possible temp immunity.
    • Undeadís Life Sight clarified for invisible creatures
    • Undeadís 1st ability grants +2 bonus to neg energy saves instead of +4
    • Final deathís caress now offers a Fort save for the paralyzed part
    • Earthen and Stony Grasp are now limited to 1 at a time
    • You can now end Dark Discorperation as a move action
    • Titans now can learn Word of Changing
    • Angelics now can learn Impenetrable Barrier
    • Demonic now grants a Death Throes and resurrection instead of iterative attacks at 20th level
    • Added Inexorable Heritage feat
    • Imbue Runestaff can only be taken once now
    • Added all invocations from Complete Mage, Magic of Incarnum, Cityscape, and Drow of the Underdark

    • Secrets of the Dragons no longer allows access to spells with experience costs
    • Made Arcane Sight a permanent supernatural effect and changed the Spellcraft check to a CL + Spellcraft number
    • Made Greater Arcane Sight an extraordinary ability, and the same modifications as Arcane Sight
    • Changed Demonic Retaliation from dealing damage to adjacent creatures to dealing damage to the creature that struck him
    • Eldritch Blow is now clearer in how in interacts with Eldritch Volley and how it functions in general. In addition, it now bypasses SR
    • Added Eldritch Beam, the new Eldritch Glaive
    • Added Eldritch Claws as a blast shape
    • Replaced Hellrime Blast with Glacial Blast
    • Added feats and items
    • Added all Dragon Magic invocations

    • Exchanged Imbue Item with the Giantís Eldritch Soul
    • Changed Giant Heritage to Titan Heritage
    • Moved Dual Blast to 9th level and changed it to Eldritch Volley, granting an extra blast at 18th level
    • Moved Greater Arcane Sight to 15th level
    • Added Draconic and Undead lineages
    • Added the rest of the Complete Arcane invocations
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