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I like it!

Warlock is my favorite 3.5 class, I loved the based mechanics of it, and I always hated how people thought it was underpowered. This seems like a very solid improvement.

My favorite concept from ways back was the idea of a half-ogre warlock, with an emphasis on melee-channeled hideous blow. (He predated Eldritch Glaive) Now I've got to consider, which heritage I should aim for. I could see Giant, but I think I might favor Demonic. Depending on what you want to do with them, they all seem like solid ideas, though.

Demonic and Giant are the two heritages that lean towards melee the most, so they're both good choices. At this point it probably depends on how evil you want him to be.

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On thing you really should do is come up with some new invocations (and probably shapes and essences) geared toward the various heritages, because as of right now half or more of the WotC ones are appropriate only for Demonic or Infernal Heritage.
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Agreed here. Though I think generalizing the fiendish ones might not be a bad idea, adding generic flavor that can be bent towards a particular heritage.
This is the plan. I'm working on updating and adding invocations, as right now I'm obviously not finished. I'm currently undecided on how low I'll go, but most ancestral invocations will be exclusive to only a select few heritages.

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I absolutely love this rework! It looks so good and adds that flavor the Warlock always seemed to be missing. I can not wait for the other Heritages you plan to add. I plan on using the Angelic version as soon as I can. Your rework reminds me allot of the pathfinder sorcerer and that is very cool. I just hope your dragon Heritage is better then the draconic blood line.
The dragon one is actually quite tricky, because dragons are actually fairly bland in their non-physical commonalities, and we've also got the dragonfire adept. I'm workin' on it though! I haven't read through Pathfinder at all, but I'm glad you're reminded of their work!

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I love this rework a lot. The heritages are phenomenal and I would love to try out Giant Heritage one day.