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    Default Re: The Warlock - a massive rewrite [3.5 Base Class WIP]

    Quote Originally Posted by T.G. Oskar View Post
    Some of the things I have to mention is why keep dual blast with two rays instead of trying to assimilate it to BAB, at least allowing an 8th - 10th level or higher to shoot two bolts and a 15th-20th level character to shoot three. Two blasts seems a bit shorthanded by 15th level, even if they get full blast damage, especially as a full round action. Eldritch Glaive, Hideous Blow and the Eldritch Claws feat may act separately, and won't be affected by the Dual Blast ability, unless I'm missing something.
    I fully agree with this. This is the one other thing that bugged me about the rewrite. If you're going with Dual Blast, you may as well go whole hog and just allow Eldritch Blast to be used with iterative attacks and build that into the original Eldritch Blast class feature from the start.
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