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I like it. I'm getting the idea for a prestige class geared to this, but I only just finished another one so I might wait a bit before doing that.
You're more than welcome to. And if you give me a heads up if/when you do make one, I'll link to it here.

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I like most of it, though the fey bloodline doesn't seem all that fey in nature and i'm completely lost how having giant blood allows you to shoot magic out of your hands [not least because most giants don't have any Su abilities at all...]
Why doesn't the Fey heritage feel all that "Fey" to you? What sorts of things were you expecting? Remember that most of the abilities need to be fairly passive, otherwise they'd make more sense as invocations.

As T.G. Oskar pointed out, I mentioned that the Giant heritage is influenced heavily from the Eberron style of giant. Additionally, if you look through the various SRD giants, many of them have an innate magical connection (elemental, admittedly, but still magical).

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Some of the things I have to mention is why keep dual blast with two rays instead of trying to assimilate it to BAB, at least allowing an 8th - 10th level or higher to shoot two bolts and a 15th-20th level character to shoot three. Two blasts seems a bit shorthanded by 15th level, even if they get full blast damage, especially as a full round action. Eldritch Glaive, Hideous Blow and the Eldritch Claws feat may act separately, and won't be affected by the Dual Blast ability, unless I'm missing something.
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I fully agree with this. This is the one other thing that bugged me about the rewrite. If you're going with Dual Blast, you may as well go whole hog and just allow Eldritch Blast to be used with iterative attacks and build that into the original Eldritch Blast class feature from the start.
One reason that I didn't grant all EBs iterative attacks is so the melee options retained a noticeable advantage for the range trade off. I mean, why would you ever take Eldritch Glaive over Eldritch Spear if the only thing you got out of it was being able to stand next to your enemies instead of 250 feet away? I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that two blasts is a fullround action - It's a standard and a swift action, so you can still move around.

I chose level 15 for several reasons:
  • It's when you gain your third iterative attack, making the methods to do grant iterative attacks remain their special feeling of double your normal number of attacks.
  • I've seen a bunch of 5-level warlock PrCs that focus on a specific invocation or something, so it's a good break point for someone that wanted a 5-level PrC.
  • As this Warlock isn't intended to be a top-level blaster, I didn't want them getting it too early.

I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about in regards to EG, HB, and EC, but if you chose to use your melee options, you'd still be able to spend a swift action to use your EB once. I can see some messiness there, and if it stays I'll clean that up.

A quick note: I'm completely open to changing things, and I apologize if I come off as stubborn or unbending. I just like to have a discussion as to how and why a change should be implemented first, as well as explain my original intentions.

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Another is how you've worked the Warlock to be based on ancestry, but how Imbue Item and Renew Item seem to be a bit off (even if part of the original class). I would suggest delving a bit closer to Deceive Item rather than to Imbue Item, out of fitting the flavor of a caster a bit better. A capstone that grants a, say, +2 increase to the CL of any item you wield would be decent, since it could make high level spells work almost at full power and make lower level spells work slightly better. I know Deceive Item and Imbue Item are meant to be related, but Imbue Item seems to be the craft of the Artificer (pun intended) than the craft of the Warlock. The Warlock works great as a deceiver, but not exactly as a crafter.
Hmm...an interesting point, I can see where you're coming from. I couls see possible switching Imbue Item and the Giant's Eldritch Soul, making Giants the premier forgers, instead of having all warlocks good at it.