just updating the pic for karin,maria and a few things

two of my friends saw my rainbow dash with the mask and wanted a anime theme pony. so i hope someone will do it for them.

she will be so happy if someone do the full suit
karin from dna2 as unicorn- http://www.etaglive.com/Attachments/...b255776c3a.jpg

sakura from tokko as a pegasus-http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FTuHFEQovqw/TQcoOki9LUI/AAAAAAAAA8I/Owr1BJkyiKw/s1600/Tokko+Complete+Series+%255BEnglish+dub%255D.jpg
he's a big fan of that anime and he's wants the pony version of sakura to have not only the black jacket but the sword as well, like in her mouth.
sword- http://www.kazeo.com/sites/fr/photos...-2844986-L.gif

and here my last request for this site. can someone do Maria from starocean as a unicorn.
maria http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0...ydor_large.jpg