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    It has become necessary for me to make a directory post for the brevity of my signature.

    CB-484: NO's creepy medical robot

    Kate Kyland
    : Decreasingly normal girl

    Silvery Extraterrestrials: SCIENCE!

    Eliza Hexadecimal: Owner of the Electronics Asylum. Not a robot.

    Keo Mekae: Little cat girl

    Kirin Amne: Conspiracy theorist and part-time adventurer

    Eadelain: Preteen in change.

    Terral Ven: Member of Remnant

    Copi Kate: A copy of Kate, after sensory deprivation.

    No sheet:
    Vriveka: Psycho Grig

    Sophie the spider: Kate's roommate.
    Manaic: general useful crazy entrepreneur in Inside.

    Lots of Hope Hospital: Hospital in inside. Infested with medical rocketfairies.

    Banclaw Dunigoth: Co-owner of the Neon Coliseum
    "Connie": Demon with nothing to do.
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