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I can't necessarily explain it; I've just spent so much time reading folklore for Fae-o-matic that it feels kind of off. Partly because standard D&D fey would also possess fome kind of charm ability.

I could see the "natural world messing with you" feature split over two different grades in place of the invisibility one and that taking its place: perhaps an entangling effect [i know Freedom of Movement is a problem there, but it does hinder spellcasting and FoM is kind of broken anyway] for the first power and then some kind of full on damaging binding later on [the Complete Divine version of Briar Web should serve as a nasty basis]

In real lore, i've only really heard of invisibility while they're hiding after messing with you, laughter pouring out of nowhere, possibly why the Greater Invisibility doesn't seem very fairy-ish.

Those are just the thoughts of someone who's spent far too much time reading about/designing fairies.

As an aside, you mention the fire giants elemental link in your response on the giants thing [which may as well be called "Titan bloodline"] and i'm wondering if you have plans to add an elemental chain. It would certainly fit and Antimony from Gunnerkrieg Court could serve as inspiration.
I can understand how it feels a bit off for someone who's been doing research or lots of folklore - I put it together mainly from personal recollections and some fey available on the SRD. I agree that a charm thing is a big component, and I was thinking of incorporating that into exclusive invocations. I suppose it could be a gaze attack of some kind though.

So in actual lore there isn't much of fey hiding among people, passing themselves off through clever disguises? Hmm...I could see Reflective Glamer becoming an invocation pretty easily...Unless you're saying you have a problem with the Eyebite ability?

As for elementals, yes that is a planned heritage. I'll check out that link, thanks. And I'll take the name change under consideration!

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This is a lovely rewrite. Thank you.