Mmmmnnnnn not quite. :<a We got to that plane via plane hopping due to the cargo we needed to haul there. But it's arguably more difficult to leave that plane alive than dead, and then there's the draw that plane has for all who have touched it before. :<:< But don't worry! :< Alveri's okay. Bit frustrated with her party, they've betrayed her a bit too much lately, but she's fine. Very 'happy' to be on the plane of her deity.

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<Alveri> "Ehehehe, uhuhuhu!" |> Alveri scoops up a bunch of the thinaun sand and throws it at Inari. "All is forgiven because death is infinitely finite, and regardless of all outcomes and desperations you will eventually join me here!" (What sanity?)
[13:44] <InariElemental> "Suure it is. And you have an infinitely finite screw loose, Alveri." Laughing, Inari wipes the metallic sand from her face and tries to pick Alveri up by grabbing her under the arms.
[13:45] <Alveri> "Nuuu! No no no!" |< Alveri flails about as she's hoisted up out of her gigantic personal sand play pit and into Inari's cold, wet embrace. |<|<.... "I-Ihateyou.... m-mrf!"

And yeah those four characters above? I GM'd for them. ;~; My first time GMing. My first time playing on that weird system. Here's what it felt like:

I am never GMing again. :<