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It's eyebite more than anything, if i'm honest. Or at least it's the invisibility part of eyebite.

It's kinda hard to explain beyond that. There's a few examples of invisible creatures but they're rarely openly aggressive, most likely to push things over onto you or steal your cows or something.

If it allowed them a short move and a free hide check, it would seem sillier but would probably be more accurate.

Y'know, now tha i've written this, i'm actually thinking that it's all cool. Perhaps renaming it to "Glammer Mask" or something but other that that, it's pretty cool from a certain point of view. "Ow, i've been shot... Wait, there did he go and why is there a wash tub in the middle of the battlefield?"

Reflective glammer is pretty apt actually.
Well the name "eyebite" and it's basic effect was taken directly from a 4th edition At-Will power. it's certainly much different that the 3.5 spell of the same name. I can certainly see a renaming of it...name pondering shall be included in the next update.