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    There's no place like home. Whether in the suburbs of Inside, a desolate mountain cabin, a dingy flat somewhere... this is where PCs live. This is a meta-location, as the houses themselves may be many miles apart from one another. Or in separate dimensions.

    If you want an address in this thread, please PM me and I will post the locations in this post.


    123 Generic Drive: Home of John and Jack Doe and their daughter Jane. PM <player name 1> or <player name 2> if you want to interact here. Located Inside, near the Black Dragon's Den.

    Mary's House: Home of Mary Moe. Located many miles from Inside civilization in an isolated mountain valley. Unlikely to be found by someone who doesn't know where it is. Mary Moe's player is <player name 3>.


    OOC Rules:

    1. Please post location tags on each post. Ex: [123 Generic Drive] or [Doe House]

    2. The players who own each residence control what goes on within it. A residence is a quasi-PC and cannot be godmodded. You can attempt to break in / burn it down / knock on the door, etc, but it is up to the player controlling the home to let you know what happens next. If a player wants to make their home entirely impervious to everything, that is their right (however boring that might be). Players are permitted to make additional ooc rules if they want that apply to their own homes. By entering their property, you are agreeing to roleplay within their cosmology.

    3. Play nice. Any disagreements between players, please take it to one of the OOC threads or PMs.



    75 Ocean Rd - Daisuke's new house, this house is near the beach, and has a mixture of traditional Japanese styling and modern comforts. Player: horngeek

    134 Ninja Drive - a 1 story ranch style home owned by Dave Smith, professional Ninja. Player: Mindfreak586

    1312 Hidden Valley Road: Home of Judy the Assassin and Mint, their daughter, Xerina, and adopted Grey Render; Rocky. Players: Lex-kat, Quinsar, Neon Knight

    4224 Wing House - Home of George Kingsley. Player: Gimliggamer

    Al's Lab - Home of AMEN scientist Al Rato. He does most of his experiments and research here. Living with him is the cyborg Delta 88, or just Delta for short. Her programming has been modified by Al, making her a live-in servant of sorts. Al's player is ApeofLight, and Delta's player is KerfuffleMach2.

    Alhana's Dwelling - In the far reaches of Acro can be found the nice little wooden house of the banished elven princess, Alhana Starbreeze. She made it herself with some magical help from man known as Lee. On the outside and inside are intricately carved designs. It has two bedrooms a kitchen and a bathroom. Player: Viera champion

    Basil's Cabin - In an especially woody and remote area, some ways from the city, a cabin sits in the woods. It doesn't seem much different from any of the other hunting cabins one sometimes runs across, except that its scale is sized for minotaurs rather than humans. Players: Wolfbane and Happyturtle

    Brendan's Upstairs - The 'upstairs apartment' at Brendan's House of Hobbies. A fairly sizeable yet still cozy home for the proprietor, his wife, and their guests. Possibly infested with lionfish. Players: Recaiden and Bushranger

    Clearing in the woods - A one story log cabin built in a large clearing in the woods not far from the Dancing Fox Inn. Complete with wooden fence. This is the residence of Zaydon, Opie, and Kate. Anybody can stop by, but if nobody's home, the place will be locked. Zaydon and Opie's players are KerfuffleMach2, and Kate's player is celtois. Note: Zaydon is now deceased, and Opie has taken to living in DFI. As it stands, the cabin is abandoned.

    Crimson Tempest -

    The ship was designed with the above image as a base.
    The most prominent feature, the flame ring, has been pushed forward towards the front of the ship, while a secondary, lesser flame ring was inserted towards the back. Auxiliary and surplus power supply.
    Barriers, that can be turned off as necessary, are constructed around the rings to protect them from light attack.
    Primary Elemental Entrapment Ring - PEER
    Secondary Elemental Entrapment Ring - SEER

    Cannons are installed along the ship, each connected to small elemental rift-batteries to the plane of fire, that allow them to launch bursts of augmented flame in projectile form.

    The various rooms within the ship have been magically altered to be Larger On The Inside.
    This allows for more ships in a smaller space, keeping the ship's fairly lean. (Player: VampireRot)

    Eldena's Cottage: The dwelling of the Viera red mage Eldena. On the outskirts of Town. Not very difficult to find. Appears to be shaped out of a tree. That's because it was. Yay magic! People are free to enter and exit as they please. But don't break anything unless Eldena is there. Player: Viera champion

    Hallowmere Lake: Several hours away from the city, with no roads leading there, is a small lake surrounded by trees. On an island in the lake is a cabin, well built from fresh lumber and brick and connected to the land by a small bridge. The entrances of the house face East and West, allowing anyone who sits on the decks to watch the sunrise or sunset. There's a garage attached to it as well, and further additions seem to be in progress. A small metal sign hangs under the mailbox near the front entrance. On it, a pair of names is etched in by ornate laserwork: Sunny and Carl (players: Happyturtle and Wolfbane)

    The House of the Rising Sun - Large house on a headleand facing the Emerald Sea, which, by strange happenstance, borders both Town and Acronymia. Home to Natasha, Oracle of the Dawn, and occasionally Khiansa Daggerfall, adventurer, and Natasha's sometimes lover.
    Player: Kid Kris
    Anyone can drop by to seek the Oracle's wisdom, or rest in the gardens, or just to say hi and share a pot of tea, but please PM, as the player may not read the thread.
    Further Description, may update.

    Jake Stevenson's Home: In the Victorian sector of Inside, Jacob Stevenson lives above his watchmaker shop and shares the space with his alter-ego, Augustus Acre. The room is a combination living room / bedroom, with well made furniture. The bed is a day bed, meant to work as either a sofa or bed, but because of that, it's the equivalent of a single sized modern bed. It isn't really appropriate for guests, so he rarely invites people here. Most people who wished to encounter Jake would meet him at his shop in Inside instead of his home. (player: Happyturtle)

    Javert's House - It's a white house. Javert lives here alone and very rarely ever leaves. (player: singingnoodle)

    Julie's Place - An apartment on the sixth floor of a fairly average apartment building. Julie Fiske, a succubus of moderate reknown and very little esteem, lives here, leasing it from a dubious landlord. (player: Slii Arhem)

    Junkyard workshop - In a junkyard in the ACROverse, what looks to be a shoddy shack has been built. This building was made by Runner before he joined GLoG. Inside is a high tech workshop and laboratory. The building has very high security, and any attempt to break in immediately causes the workshop to alert Runner, which will bring him over to investigate. Runner and Sentry both have security access. Runner's player is KerfuffleMach2, and Sentry's player is FaceofEvil.

    Marty's: This fairly large manor lays where the original Aceford manor was. The manor was built out of the previous manor's remaining architecture and walls, due to this a few rooms inside are boarded up. The house is bright purple with gold outlines. The manor has two sections.
    Downstairs: this area took heavy damage during the original Aceford manor fires. Most of the walls are original. Marty had painted the burnt walls purple. The living room is here.
    Upstairs: Marty's room and study are located here. There is also a grand ballroom.

    Marty Aceford lives here along with his friend Griktak (players: singingnoodle, Agate 86)

    Nabrius' Domain - Located in the depths of Hell, Nabrius' home is rather comfy despite its location. A fireplace provides most of the light in the room. The low, crackling hellfire lights up the carpets floor and the comfy chair and love seat off to the side On the left wall is a small bar, well stocked with wines and champagne, along with some harder drinks. Directly opposite of the fireplace is a bed. Red silk sheets cover it, a curtain hangs ready to be drawn around it, and it's easily large enough for two people to move around freely. The only exit from the room is a single, windowless door opposite of the bar. A small sword rack hangs on the door by the wall, able to hold a single blade. Player: Gulaghar

    The Nest/Rael's House - A converted hotel in the Red Zone. It currently houses Rael Kairos, a 300 year old vampire, a large number of strange lifeforms he's created, and a couple of dozen other vampires that he's made.
    Break-in attempts are fine, even if Rael isn't home, as the other residents are capable of defending themselves against intruders. If you're just looking to mess with the place, he won't hold a grudge as long as you don't kill or maim any of the sentient inhabitants. Stealing most things is also okay, though any unique things he might come after you to get back. Full scale attacks are also welcome, but he will come after you.
    Players: C'nor, Technoscrabble, Beans

    New Rock Household - A nice place in the city's suburban area, just inside the walls. It was specially built to appear larger on the inside than it does on the outside. It has the works - White picket fence, workshed out back, spacious basement(with attached laundry room), a study, kitchen, bedrooms, guest room(with it's own bathroom), living room, parlor, dining room, entry hall, three bathrooms...Everything a typical suburban family could want, complete with a nice hardwood floor.

    Darn shame Lucas and Lillith are turning the study into a room meant solely for displaying adventuring trophies, and Arthur's going to be using the workshed for his crazy experiments. The neighbors are going to complain, no doubt.
    Players: blackouttwo and Artemis97

    Phil's Warehouse - 3224 Seaside Rd Big, slightly rusted corrugated steel warehouse that was once abandoned, sits on a lot that's been overgrown with weeds and small trees and bushes and such...has a gravel driveway leading up to it...and...near the docks...
    Oh, yeah, it has a hydraulic lift leading to an underground garage! And the inside is full of parts and half-finished inventions! Run by TechnoScrabble.

    Silvery ship: It looks like this field has been marred by a silvery teardrop of epic proportions. Easily fifty feet tall and about 90 feet long, it seems to have impacted the surface at a definite angle, leaving a long furrow behind it. This teardrop is covered in bumps and smooth protrusions, but the exact make-up can vary greatly from day to day. Doors, hatches, doorbells, cameras, and other things come and go on its surface. The inside is uniformly silvery, and the maze of halls, and rooms makes it hard to keep your bearings. Physics seems to stop caring, and looping hallways, physically impossible curves, and doors that open into the wrong places are the rule here. The entire ship is constructed of an amazingly durable material… No telling what it is, but it will take really, really strong weapons to break it if it can be broken. There is no evidence of weapons in the ship… but it’s possible they just haven’t been seen yet. (player: Lost Deep)

    The Tarmikos Studio - This space serves as both a living area and workshop for artificer and plane-hopper Niara Tarmikos. It is, in fact, its own separate plane of existence - and a minuscule one at that. It comprises, in its entirety, of a single room (around 180ft. long, 60ft. wide and 30ft. tall), and is split into many separate rooms with simple partition walls. To those who know of its existence and have the means to travel there, it is easy to gain access to. Niara's player is Baeleck.

    Home 1
    Home 2
    Home 3
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    Home 7
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