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[Sparrow's Fall, World of Eight Moons]

Oooo! Pretty!

Spec does indeed arrive here alongside Trium. Upon finding that she appears to be in space and that her body has not yet ruptured, she smirks. She turns her head to her left then to her right, examining her environment intently behind somewhat perplexed eyes.

She marches over to one of the nearby trees, reaches out, and prods it with her finger forcefully, almost as though she expects for it to snap out of existence as soon as her finger contacts its bark.

"What is your connection to these things?"

Spec inquires of Trium in a soft and smooth tone. She hadn't actually ever seen a real tree before meeting Trium. She's read about them, though. They seem somewhat familiar to her. She just can't quite make the connection between the description she's memorized and the real physical object.
[Sparrow's Fall, World of Eight Moons]

Trium smiles, looking amused, and somewhat puzzled.

"Nothing, really. They're just trees. Why would I have a connection to them?"

Her voice is curious, both as to why she'd be connected to them and Spec doesn't simply refer to the trees as what they are.