Incarnum will be present, with the totemist available as a base class. Soulborns and Incarnates really require an objective morality, which I'm not big on, so they're probably out. I'd be willing to allow their melds to be taken with those feats, forget what they're called, like martial study for incarnum.

As for content... Well, there's a map in the works, I'm laying down some PrC goodness, and I have a list of homebrew disciplines that got the green-light, much as your Kensei did, waiting to be double checked.

I'm also very willing to incorporate a section on creation myths, stories, legends and other whatevers from the various cultures. Which reminds me, I need to remember to put a section on culture and stories in with the political and military stuff for each country.

I'm also thinking about a race to fill the goblin-shaped hole in my world. Goliaths take over a role similar to orcs, but I don't have kobolds, goblins or anything else that works as the annoying, twerpy little mooks. I had a plan for this race of arboreal goblin things taken from the Shining South, but I don't really like them. I'm open to ideas on that one.