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R 728: What are ideas for puzzles? I tried searching this thread but nothing seemed to stick out has anyone every created some based on EL level or such. How does one begin the basis of a good puzzle? I have some real thinkers in my group.
C 728: Hmm... that's a toughie, especially since I don't know where in a campaign it's going. I'd recommend looking at things that the puzzle episode of Teen Titans for ideas. (the one where Titans East had to face puzzles like Mas y Menos hitting buttons on opposite ends of a city) But yeah, long story short, take the players abilities and create puzzles that need them used creatively.
An example from my own campaigns is one time our paladin was chasing an elephant-riding kobold. He decided to stand up in his saddle, have his mount jump, and jump himself at the peak of the jump.

R 731: Can I get a Fey race with low LA (low being +0 or +1)? I'd also want a Half-Fey race (like half-elves)