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Thread: Request a Homebrew: Thread 2!

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    H 732

    You are immune to all supernatural fear effects.
    1 Remove Fear
    2 Heroism
    3 Good Hope
    4 Freedom of Movement
    5 Heroism, Greater
    6 Heroes’ Feast
    7 Fear Immunity (caster level willing creatures become immune to all fear effects for 24 hours)
    8 Heroism, Greater, Mass (like Heroism, Greater, but caster level creatures)
    9 Reject Death (for caster level rounds, you cannot die except by your own will. At the end you take 6 points of constitution damage. The damage cannot be prevented.)

    1/day, add you class level to your wisdom score for a single action.
    1Comprehend Languages
    2 Owl's Wisdom
    3 Detect Thought
    4 Discern Lies
    5 Commune
    6 Owl's Wisdom, Mass
    7 Legend Lore
    8 Hypercognition (as psionic power)
    9 Contact Other Plane, Greater (like Contact Other Plane, but contacted creatures never lie to you and you may use a will save instead of an intelligence check to protect your mind)

    A number of times per day equal to half your class level rounded up, you may either add a +2 bonus to any die roll you make or inflict a -2 penalty to any die roll made against you. Declare the use of this power before the roll.
    1 Command
    2 Bull's Strength
    3 Fear
    4 Divine Power
    5 Dominate Person
    6 Symbol of Pain
    7 Bite of the Werebear
    8 Symbol of Death
    9 Dominate Monster

    Spells with descriptions in parenthesis I made up for this.
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