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Are the rivers sentient or do they just appear that way. A Spot check should be required to notice this effect either way.
no, they are not

What happens if you fail your first save at the River Styx in Avernus. Do you just not get the +2 bonus or should something bad happen?
good point, since the toxic fumes attack the body i should include that you will take 2d6 acid damage per hour

What happens to you if you fail the Will save when you try to move closer to the river?
ah, forgot this one too , actually you will be compelled to move towards the river

What is the effect of paranoia damage? Not everyone has access to The Call of Cthulhu Campaign setting book.
in the text i stated that should ever your paranoia score equal or exceed your classlevels+other hitdice (like from monsters and the like) you will attack your allies.

You really need to edit and proofread this and add breaks between paragraphs.

true, proofreading is the last step, this is just a test of concept

On my computer i have it in a word format, and have formatted it to taste, when it's done I'll make it into a PDF and e-mail it when asked for it.