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    Fey Creatures Part II
    homebrew and third party

    Asterisk (*) indicates that there are more than one entries, comprising a distinct group of creatures.

    Creatures (homebrew)


    Aadar Llwach|Stycotl|Medium Animal|4|3|-|fey raptor, can be mount/animal companion

    Accursed Conductor|DracoDei|Medium Fey (Incorporeal)|?|30|-

    Acoilain|asromta|Small Fey|4|5|+2|acorn shaped creatures

    Ælfr|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Ælfr, Fæ]|3|2|+3|Scandinavian, norse elves

    Ajatarra|strawberryman|Large Fey|8|12|-

    Alp|Bhu|Small Undead|7|8|-|Germanic

    Alp|Mulletmanalive|Tiny Fey (Fae, Shapechanger)|2|2|-|Germanic, butterfly vampire dream eater

    Am Fear Laith Mor|Mulletmanalive|Huge Humanoid [Fae]|14|8|-|Scottish,giant hairy beast

    Amber Spirit|Icewalker|Large Fey|7|10|-|forest guardian made of sap

    Amberward of Salpa|The Vorpal Tribble|Large Construct (extraplanar)|12|13|-|guardians of the Seelie courts and boundary lands

    Ankou|Mulletmanalive|Medium Fey|9|12|-|Breton, Dark robed agent of death and paranoia

    Appritt|Krimm_Blackleaf|Large Fey|8|10|-|urban

    Autumnal Avenger|waterpenguin43|Medium Fey (extraplanar)|20|24|-

    Autumnal Breath|The Vorpal Tribble|Large Fey (incorporeal)|13|13|-|autumn spirit

    Ballybog|Mulletmanalive|Tiny Fey [Fae]|0,5|1|-|Celtic,Peat dwelling pest

    Banana Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey|4|4|-

    Baobhan Sith|Bhu|Medium Undead|6|6|-|Scottish

    Baobhan-Sith|StoryKeeper|Medium Fey|4 |4|-|Scottish,Bavanshee

    Barghest|Mulletmanalive|Large Magical Beast (Fae, Shapechanger)|6|8|-|British, Black dog seen as omen of death

    Barksinger|unosarta|Medium Fey|7|6|-

    Bean Sidhe|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Fae]|4|6|-|Irish, Keens over the deaths of nobles (Banshee)

    Beaver Woman|Bhu|Medium Fey (aquatic)|4|6|-|Native American

    Blackberry Dragon|Zaydos|Dragon (Feykin, Wood)|varies|varies|varies

    Blackwing Mare|Twilight Muse|Large Fey (Augmented Magical Beast)|9|8|-|vile carnivorous flying horse

    Black Dog (Cu Sidhe)|Mulletmanalive|Huge Magical Beast (Fae)|13|16|-|Celtic,Wild Hunt's Hound

    Bloody Handed Jack|Bhu|Medium Fey (Chaotic, Evil)|18|20|-

    Blue Heifer|The Vorpal Tribble|Large Magical Beast|4|6|-|Fey-cursed bovine that can fly in moonlight

    Boabhan Sith [Baavan Shee]|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Fæ]|4|6|-|Scottish, Dancing vampiric fairie

    Buggane|Bhu|Large Fey (Aquatic)|7|10|-|Celtic

    Buggebear [Bugbear]|Mulletmanalive|Medium Animal (Fae)|3|3|-|English, creepy bear-like bogey

    Bunyip|Mulletmanalive|Huge Magical Beast [Long]|10|10|-|Australian, Terrible many formed monster

    Bunyip (The Guardian)|Rappy|Colossal Fey (Aquatic)|?|40|-

    Burl Noggin|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey (augmented humanoid)|8|9|-

    Busker|Vaynor|Medium Fey (Shapechanger)|8|8|-|urban legend

    Cactus Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey|4|4|-

    Caeill MacDee, River Knight|Mulletmanalive|Large Magical Beast (Long)|9|7|-|Each Uisge with Faerie Knight levels

    Cantaclaro|The Demented One|Medium Fey|6|3|+0|fey troubadour

    Cellarblight|The Vorpal Tribble|Small Fey|4|2|-

    Cerare|Maryring|Small Fey|5|10|-

    Changeling*|Zeta Kai|Fey|varies|varies|-|Celtic

    Chelissadhu |Stormthorn|Medium Fey|5|8|+3

    Chenoo|Mulletmanalive|Large Undead (Fae)|12|20|-|New England Indians, Ice hearted giant

    Cloud Forest Avatar|SlaadLord|Large Fey (Air, Earth)|9||-|embodiment of rainforests

    Clurichaun|LOTRfan|Small Fey|2|1|+5|Irish

    Crow Mistress|Sir Shadow|Medium Fey (Water)|11|5|+4

    Crystal Woman|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey (aquatic)|4|4|+3

    Cuco|Mulletmanalive|Large Humanoid [Fae, Bogey]|6|7|-|Brazilian bogey creature, eater of sleepless children

    Cupid|Erica Balsley|Small Fey|1|2|-|human infants with wings, Greco-Roman

    Dandifleur|The Vorpal Tribble|Fine Fey (extraplanar, swarm)|7|14|-

    Dark Dryad|Monkey Nite|Medium Fey (chaotic)|5|6|+6|Evil, tree-dwelling fey

    Deer Woman|Bhu|Medium Fey|8|10|-|Native American

    Dire Nymph|Bhu|Medium Fey|8|8|+6

    Di'li|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey|4|5|+4

    Domestic Brownie|littlechicory|Small Fey|1|1|+2|cheerful, helpful fey that clean up the houses of good people

    Dremling|Jason Kahler|Small Fey|2|3|+2|minor nature spirit that causes mischief and protects ancient forests

    Dringwr|Bisected8|Fine Fey (Earth, Cold)|3|1|-|mountain fairy

    Dryad of the Sanguine Holly|unosarta|Medium Fey|5|7|-

    Dullahan|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey (Extraplanar)|7|11|-|Irish

    Dullahan, Gan Ceann|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey (extraplanar) |14|19|-|Irish

    Dybbuk|Mulletmanalive|iny Undead (Fae, Insubstantial)|1|1|-|Attic dwelling Yiddish horrors

    Each Uisge|Mulletmanalive|Large Magical Beast [Fae]|5|7|-|Greter Shyft Horse

    Encantado|MythMage|Medium Fey (Shapechanger)|3|3|+3|dolphin spirit of tropical rainforest rivers

    Essence of Pharos|The Vorpal Tribble|Large Fey (fire, incorporeal)|10|13|-|lighthouse fey

    Etmeran|Æther Paladin|Medium Fey (Shapechanger)|7|6|+4|merciless defenders of nature

    Fairy Shrimp|Bhu|Tiny Fey|1|1|-

    Far Darrig|LOTRfan|Small Fey|2|1|+3|Irish

    Fear Darrig|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Fae]|5|5|+5|Scottish uber illusionsists

    Fear Liath Mor|Bhu|Huge Fey|10|20|-|Scottish

    Frosti|The Vorpal Tribble|Dimunitive Fey (cold, swarm)|7|8|-

    Futureling|Glooble Glistencrist|Tiny Fey|3|5|+4|time-hopping fey

    Fyumyad|Sir Shadow|Medium Fey (Cold)|19|13|+10|winter's fruit

    Gancanagh|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [fae]|8|10|-|Irish, Big fairy hunk of man


    Grasshopper|Mulletmanalive|Large Humanoid (Fae)|10 |10|-|Native American, enchanter/spirit creature

    Gorshk|Nelphine|Large Fey|10|9|-|eye eater

    Gothad|Sir Shadow|Medium Fey|8|6|+4|S&M fey

    Gremlin|Debihuman|Small Fey (Spirit)|0,25|1|+1

    Guardians of the Fey Court*|SlaadLord|Medium Fey|5 |8|+3|Knights of Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter court

    Gwyllion|Mulletmanalive|Large Giant (Fae) |4|4|-|Welsh, ugly hags / old men who lead travellers astray

    Habanero Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey|4|4|-

    Haints in the Hollers|Mulletmanalive|Medium Undead (Fey, Incorporeal)|1|1|-|American, Tennessee Ghost-lights

    Honeydew|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey|10|8|+8

    Ibuntei|Mulletmanalive|Colossal Plus Kaiju|29|50|-|Kaiju from Northern Japan

    Icemancer|Tym Thatcher|Medium Fey (cold, spirit)|16|14|+2|Fell spirit of dead winter cold

    Ichetik|Dmitri|Small Fey (aquatic)|1|2|-|evil fey, related to the vodyanoi

    Idle Chill|TheLogman|Tiny Fey|9|9|-

    Irontooth Dryad|Melatius|Medium Fey (Irontooth)|3|4|-|bound to an enormous irontooth oak tree

    Iron Rose Dragon|Zaydos|Dragon (Feykin, Cold)|varies|varies|varies|constant presence in the Unseelie Court

    John Barleycorn|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey|8|9|-|spirit of autumn, English

    Kitsune, Huli-jing|Mulletmanalive|Medium Fey (Fae, Yokai)|10|14|-|Animalistic fox yokai. Oriental.

    Knight of the Golden Court|unosarta|Medium Fey|9|13|-

    Koki|lsr|Tiny Fey|3|1|-|tiny fairy with SLAs

    Kushtaka|Bhu|Medium Fey (Shapechanger)|7|6|-|Innuit

    Lady Midday|Mulletmanalive|Medium Outsider [Fae, Native]|10|10|-|Spirit of heatstroke from Ukraine/Poland.

    Lady of the Harvest Moon|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey|3|4|-|spirit of autumn

    Lamentisk|The Vorpal Tribble|Huge Fey (aquatic)|9|12|+6

    Lantern Creeper|The Demented One|Small Fey|2|4|+2|luminous city spirit

    Lennan Sidhe|Mulletmanalive|Medium Fey [Fae] |8|10|+4|vampiric muse from Gaelic cultures.

    Leprechaun|LOTRfan|Small Fey|1|1|+4|Irish

    Living Symphony*|The Demented One|Fey (Incorporeal, Living Symphony)|varies|varies|varies|lost music come alive

    Llymha|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey|4| 4|+3|creature of poverty and misfortune

    Lobasta|Dmitri|Large Fey (aquatic)|4|5|-|antisocial aquatic fey of Rus

    Lord Beast|The Vorpal Tribble |Huge Outsider (extraplanar, psionic)|48|55|-|epic

    Marrusya|The Demented One|Small Fey|16|20|-|horror story teller

    Maleventhorn|Amiel|Medium Fey (evil)|16 |16|-

    Miresprite|Sanzh|Small Fey (Aquatic)|3|3|+4|bog impish

    Mishibizhiw|Mulletmanalive|Gargantuan Fey [Fae, Aquatic]|16|30|-|Underwater Panther, enemy of Thunderbirds: Obijiwa

    Mist Maiden|Naked Celt|Medium Fey (Air, Water)|8|6|+2

    Monstrous Vampire Pixie|Debihuman |Small Undead (augmented Fey)|6 or 7|1|+12 or +14

    Moonglimmer|Tym Thatcher|Large Fey (spirit)|13|10|-|Feary Gaurdian of old forests

    Morphine Fairie|The Vorpal Tribble|Diminutive Fey|2|2 |+3

    Morrigan|Scorpina|Medium Fey|5|8|-|Irish

    Moss Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey|4|4|-

    Moss Gnome|Knight Otu|Small Fey|3|3|-

    Mushroom Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey|3|4|-

    Mother Whimsy|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Outsider (incorporeal, psionic)|28|64|-|epic

    Naiad|The Demented One|Medium Elemental (Extraplanar, Water)|0,5|1|+1|minor water spirit

    Nicks|Bisected8|Tiny Fey|3|4|-

    Nightmare Dragon|Zaydos|Dragon (Feykin)|varies|varies|varies|Fey Court pets

    Nuckelavee|Mulletmanalive|Large Monstrous Humanoid (Fae)|?|15|-|Spirit of winter seas, storms and disease: Orkney

    O-Momasi|SlaadLord|Medium Fey|13|15|-|aspect of the plains

    Oak Dragon|Zaydos|Dragon (Feykin, Wood)|varies|varies|varies|allies of dryads and treants

    Oakbred Juggernaut|The Demented One|Huge Fey|12|18|+6|dryad guardian

    Ovinnik|Dmitri|Medium Fey (fire)|5|4|+4|unfriendly fortune-teller

    Pan-Da Bhu|Medium Fey|3 or 5|5|-

    Patchcorners|Bisected8|Medium Fey|4|5|-

    Patupaiarehe|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Patupaiarehe]|2|2|+1|Albino Elves with nasty habits: New Zealand

    Pictsies (Nac Mac Feegle)|Debihuman|Diminutive Fey|3|4|-|Terry Pratchet's Wee Free Men

    Pseudothreat|Bisected8|Tiny Fey|2|2|-|jester

    Questing Beast|Mulletmanalive|Large Outsider|14|12|-|disturbing lore. British

    Quiet|Hairb|Medium Fey|3|3|-|urban legend

    Raven Lady|The Demented One|Medium Fey|10|11|+6|the cruelest of the fair folk, neither Seelie nor Unseelie

    Redwood Dragon|Zaydos|Dragon (Feykin, Wood)|varies|varies|varies

    Red Death|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey (extraplanar, incorporeal)|10|13|-

    Red Man|The Vorpal Tribble|Gargantuan Fey|12|21|-

    Rhine Maiden|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Fae, Shapechanger]|2|4|-|Germanic mermaid

    Rhyme Stealer|Garrett Max Davenport|Small Fey (Sprite)|5|1|-|prankish sprites who delight in mockery and insult

    Rosebush Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey|4|4|-

    Santa Clause|Tym Thatcher|Medium Fey (spirit, good)|22|20|+2|spirit of christmas joy

    Sapphiren (Night Fey)|Elrond|Tiny Fey|12|3|-

    Scryb Sprite|Æther Paladin|Tiny Fey (chaotic)|1|0,5|+2|mean-hearted fey that like to pick on lawful travelers

    Seaweed Dryad|Bhu|Medium Fey (aquatic)|4|4|-

    Sea Witch|Mulletmanalive|Large Humanoid [Aquatic, Fae, Shapechanger]|5|5 |-|mermaid

    Shadow Keeper|Realms of Chaos|Small Fey|1|1|+3|the wonders of shadow and solitude

    Shadow Sprite|wippit|Tiny Fey|2|0,5|-|underground grig

    Shiny|Owrtho|Diminutive Fey|8|2|-

    Shyft Horse/Kelpie|Mulletmanalive|Large Fae Magical Beast (Shapechanger)|2 |3|-|Shapeshifting horse that entraps traveller: Scotland

    Sialla Danda|afroakuma|Small Fey|6|6|+8 |urban legend

    Siliniez|Bendraesar|Medium Fey|4|6|-|faerie trolls [3.PF]

    Singing Stone|KingGolem|Small Fey (Earth)|2|2|-

    Sisters of Nature*|unosarta|varies|varies|varies|-|Huge project with nymhs, dryads, naiads etc

    Skratta-Sker|Stycotl|Tiny Fey (earth)|12|8|+6

    Skrytinn'kanina|The Vorpal Tribble|Medium Fey (extraplanar)|8|8|-

    Sluagh|Mulletmanalive|Colossal Undead Mob [Fae, Incorporeal]|15|30|-|Dead spirits that possess people. Scottish

    Sower of Ash|The Demented One|Medium Fey (fire)|11|14|+3|fey said to be manifest forest fires

    Sower of Seasons |adanedhel9|Medium Fey|4|6|-|nature spirit associated with the flow of time

    Spriggan|Mulletmanalive|Diminutive Humanoid (Fæ)|4|6|-|Tiny, ugly beings of immense strength. Cornish

    St. Dymphna's Ring|belboz|Fine Fey (Swarm)|5|10|-|Fairie ring of mushrooms come to life

    Stormhaunt|The_Snark|Large Fey (Aquatic, Water)|9|12|-|creature of water and darkness

    Stumbleslink|The Vorpal Tribble|Tiny Fey|2|3|+3

    Swamp Dryad|Sir Shadow|Medium Fey|4|4|-

    Sylenti|Twisted.Fate|Medium Fey|4|4|-|desert satyr

    Taco Faerie|Lappy9000|Small Fey|0,5|1|+0

    The Harvest King|Admiral Squish|Large Fey|20|20|-|reaper

    The Man Who Wasn't There|The Vorpal Tribble|Small Fey (psionic)|3|3|-

    The Morrígna|Stycotl|Medium Outsider (Chaotic, Native)|30 |50|-|Irish, The Morrigan

    Thunderbird|Mulletmanalive|Colossal Fey [Fae]|16|30|-|Big old spirit and protector: Native American

    Tikbilang|Mulletmanalive|Medium Humanoid [Fae]|1|2|+1|horse-man thing that pixie leads its targets. Philippinnes

    Tokoloshe|Mulletmanalive|Tiny Undead [Fae]|4 |6|-|water spirit zombie thing. South African

    Toxdra|The Vorpal Tribble|Small Fey|3|3|+4

    Tromluí|The Vorpal Tribble|Small Fey (extraplanar, psionic)|6|6|-

    Tsuchigumo|Mulletmanalive|Small Humanoid (Fae, Human)|1|2|+1 |Long limbed ninja spider people. Japan

    Tuatha De Danaan|sidhe3141|Medium Fey (Extraplanar)|0,5|1|+0|Irish

    Underwater Panther|ScIaDrd|Large Fey (Aquatic)|12|12|-|Mishibizhiw

    Unicorn|Mulletmanalive|Large Magical Beast [Fae]|3|5|-|chimeric horned horse/deer.Specifically Arthurian.

    Wanderwish |SlaadLord|Medium Fey (Earth)|8|10|-

    Weeping Children|Jkoshe|Tiny Fey|1|2|-

    Weizenfolk*|foXXtail|varies|varies|varies|varies|alcoholic fey

    Whimsycap Toadstool|Djinn_In_Tonic|Fine Plant|1|0,5|-

    Wickling|Adam C. Boyd|Small Fey|2|4|-|A sleepy, sapling-like fey creature that can spit flame

    Willow Dragon|Zaydos|Dragon (Feykin, Wood)|varies|varies|varies

    Woror|Kyace|Small Fey (Incorporeal)|7|9|+5|fey wraith

    Wrathguard|Athanatos|Medium Fey|6|6|-

    Wrathling|Athanatos|Small Fey|3|3|-

    Wyld Maiden|The Demented One|Medium Fey|9|14|+1


    Creatures (third party)


    Adh Sidhe|ME2|Medium Fey|8|8|+4 |evil fey, whose sole purpose in life is to hunt, torture and slay other evil beings

    Ashmalkin|ASoS|Diminutive Fey (Extraplanar)|0,5|1|+0|malicious fey that tame and ride stirges

    Asrai|CGF 71 |Small Fey (Water)| 1| 3| -| fey-shaped water elementals

    Asrai| TH2 12| Tiny Fey (Aquatic)| 2| 1| +3 |dwell in crystal clear lakes, ponds and rivers

    Baagnu|SAW|Medium Fey|7|6|+7|haunting male or female water spirit

    Baccae|RML|Medium Fey|3|3|+3|raging handmaidens of Bacchus-Dionysus, Greek

    Bakeneko| CR 8| Medium Fey (Spirit)| 1| 3| - |capricious cat spirit, Oriental

    Banshee |TLP 40| Medium Fey |3| 8 |- |harbinger of death, Irish

    Baobhan Sith| TH3 17| Medium Fey| 6 |9 |+4 |evil female fey that feed on the blood of living creatures

    Beansidhe| CF 5| Medium Fey (Incorporeal)| 0*| 6| - |fey spirit that warns the living of mortal danger

    Befind| TLP 59| Tiny Fey| 1| 4| - |part of a trio of fairies who appear at the birth of a child, Gallic

    Bladeleaf|ME1|Tiny Fey|1|1|+2|cruel, sadistic fey that nonetheless see themselves as guardians of the forest

    Blood Sprite |CC2 24 |Small Fey |0,5| 2| -| murderous sprites that lure travelers

    Boar Wizard |CoT|Unseelie Animal|4|7|-|unseelie boar with wizard levels

    Bodb Dearg| TLP 37 |Medium Fey (Sidhe)| 7 |12 |- |the King of the Sidhe, son of Dagda, Irish

    Bogle| FM 57| Medium Fey| 4 |5 |- |chosen defenders of sylvan glades

    Brewer Gnome| CC 23 |Small Fey| 1 |2| -| famous or infamous travellers and brewers

    Brownie| FM 57| Tiny Fey| 1 |0,5| - |good-natured fey who "adopt" a family and do chores

    Brownie| TLP 22| Tiny Fey| 1 |4 |+6 |a treasure to any household

    Brownie (Sprite) |KDD 138| Tiny Fey |1 |1 |+3 |a brownie lives a simple life among its own kind

    Brownie|MGF|Tiny Fey|1|0,5|+3|timid, quiet fey creature that prefers to live only among its own kind

    Carnival Krewe, the Piper| CC3 29| Medium Fey| 18 |17| -| THE Piper

    Cellar Dweller|PFB |Fine Fey|3 |1| -

    Cernan|PFB |Medium Fey| 1| 2| -

    Children of the Wood| GWE 53| Small Fey| 6 |6 |+2 |reclusive beings known as Tael-Galmor

    Croac'h| TLP 60 |Medium Fey (Korrigan)| 2| 4 |- |water sprite, one of the few malignant fairies to be found in Gaul

    Cuckoo| PFB |Small Fey| 3| 6| -

    Dananshee |CC2 46 |Medium Fey| 2| 2| -| evil kin to dryads and nymphs

    Dancer in the Glade| ME1| Medium Fey| 1| 2|+3 |entertainers and courtesans in the courts of Faerie

    Debased Nixie| TH2 206 |Small Fey (Aquatic)| 2 |1 |+4 |unseelie nixie

    Deep Mermaid| CF 7| Medium Fey| 10| 12| -| embodies the mystery and hypnotic lure of the ocean

    Deep Merman| CF 8| Large Fey |12 |18| -| the master of storms whose fury can send vessels to their doom

    Doorway Guardian| F 114| Gargantuan Fey (Incorporeal)| 7| 24| -| magically bound to a pair of fey doorways

    Dreadrider| ME2 |Medium Fey| 8 |12| +6 |fearsome spirit bringing grief, misery and cold

    Dread Spectre Nymph| AB 94 |Medium Undead (Augmented Fey, Incorporeal) |10| 6 |+14 |A dread spectre nymph’s beauty is both ethereal and deadly

    Dullahan| CF 11 |Large Fey |18 |22 |-| spirit of death, come to seize a mortal soul

    Elder Mother| MI| Large Fey| 10 |13 |+7 |beautiful woman with deadly vines with poisonous thorns twisting around her

    Ellylon| TLP 42| Diminutive Fey |1 |2|+6 |the most virtuous fairies in Wales

    English Trooping Fairy| TLP 19| Diminutive Fey| 1 |2 |+5 |fairies of Oberon and Titania's Court

    Faerie Dragon| BB| Tiny Dragon |2 |3 |- |whimsical, playful pranksters

    Faerie Dragon| F 115 |Tiny Fey| 2| varies |-| chaotic good sub-family of the pseudodragon

    Faery Regal| ME1| Medium Fey |14| 16 |+20 |the nobility of the fey

    Farisee| KDD 55| Medium Fey (Aquatic)| 2 |2 |+1 |attractive fey borne of a maiden's vengeance

    Faun| F 121 |Medium Fey| 2| 4| -| Lesser Satyr

    Fey Drake |SCI |Tiny Outsider| 3| 2| -| Creations of pure dream stuff

    Fey Horse| NS 51| Large Fey (Earth) |1 |4 |- |immortal graceful horse

    Fey Knight| ME1| Medium Fey |9| 4 |+13| highly skilled warriors of the Faery courts

    Fey Steed| F 118| Large Fey| 2| 4| -| fey light warhorse

    Fideal| CGF 72 |Medium Fey (Aquatic)| 8 |10| -| evil aquatic plant creatures that have become fey

    Flaxinthe| PC 61 |Medium Fey |4 |6 |- |feral relatives of the dryad

    Fluttermouse| BoAM |Diminutive Animal| 0,1| 0,25| -| winged mice, pets or familiars of pixies

    Forest Fiend| ME2| Large Fey| 15| 16| -| a primal spirit inhabiting only the deepest, farthest woodlands

    Forgotten One| TH3 75| Diminutive Fey |2| 3| -| sprite race related to pixies, natural spies and trackers

    Frosty Chiseler| CoT |Small Fey (Cold)| 4 |6 |- |perverted former craftsmen and artisans of the fey

    Fyr| TH2 70| Small Fey| 2 |2 |+2 |a tiny satyr with backward-curving horns

    Glaistig| MGF| Medium Fey |1| 2| -| flighty fey of the forest

    Gentry| TLP 36| Diminutive Fey |1 |3 |+6 |The Little People, Irish fairies that are not Sidhe

    Gloom Dryad |LL:MH 89 |Medium Fey |4 |4 |- |vicious, predatory dryads that live in swamps

    Goblin (Fairy) |TLP 23 |Tiny Fey |1 |4 |+7 |malicious spirits, causing trouble

    Grass Devil |ME2 |Small Fey |1 |2 |+3 |evil nature spirits, nearly mindless but very aggressive

    Gray Nisp |TH3 100| Large Fey (Aquatic)| 8| 8| - |water-based fey creatures that dwell in swamps, rivers, lakes, and seas

    Gremlin| FM 59 |Tiny Fey| 1| 0,5| -| mischievous fey, vicious cousins to the brownie

    Gremlin |TH3 103| Small Fey| 0,5 |1| 3| wicked fey beings who revel in destruction and creating mayhem

    Grig Swarm |TH2 193| Tiny Fey (Swarm)| 6| 2| -| large mass of flying grigs

    Grimm |TH3 104| Large Fey| 13| 18| - |created by members of the Unseelie Court, means to destroy life and beauty

    Grimstalker (Banaan) |TH2 89| Medium Fey |5 |6| -| dark foul creatures, reflecting nature at its worst

    Grimstalker Fighter| CoT| Medium Fey| 5| 7| -| a burly lumberjack

    Gwyllion| FM 60| Medium Fey| 1| 1| - |fey that bear a strong affinity with the earth

    Gwyllion| TLP 45| Medium Fey |3 |4 |6| delight in bringing harm to mortals, Wales

    Gwyn ap Knudd| TLP 46| Tiny Fey(Tylwyth Teg)| 4| 8| -| King of the Tylwyth Teg, associated with battle and the dead, Wales

    Half-Fairy| TLP 67| Tiny Fey| 1 |3 |+5 |the child of a true fairy (of any size) and a mortal

    Hammer-Heads| | Small Fey| 2| 4| -

    Hanid|CC 103| Medium Fey |3 |9| - |Spirit Woman of the Flower

    Haniver|BoE|Tiny Fey (Aquatic)| 0,5| 1| -| bizarre malevolent humanoid

    Hobgoblin (Fairy)| TLP 24| Tiny Fey| 1 |2 |+8 |benevolent sprites that specialize in caring for the home

    Hound of the Wild Hunt| eF 11| Large Fey| 7 |8 |- |

    Huldrefolk| BK |Small Fey (Extraplanar)| 8 |6 |- |accomplished natural sorcerers, Krynn’s primal fey

    Hunter| SW |Medium Fey| 6| 8 |- |antlered hunter

    Huntsprite| ME1| Medium Fey (Evil) |13| 16 |-| chosen assassins and executioners of the fey

    Jabberwock, Greater| F119| Gargantuan Dragon (fire)| 15| 19| -| dragon native to the wilds of FaerieLand

    Jabberwock, Lesser| F 119| Huge Dragon (fire)| 7| 7| -| dragon native to the wilds of FaerieLand

    Jynx| MM |Small Fey| 1| 1| -|

    K'Daai || Medium Fey (Fire) |4| 8| -| master craftsmen that live in the far north

    Kenku |CR 34| Medium Fey |2 ||2 -| reclusive enigmatic creatures, Oriental

    King of the Roses| CoBV| Small Fey| 6| 9| -|

    Kitsune| CR 37| Medium Fey |1 |1 |-|fox spirit, Oriental

    Korred| F 121| Small Fey| 3 |4| - |Greater Satyr

    Korrigan| TLP 58| Diminutive Fey| 1| 2| |+6 |beautiful women seen in the moonlight, Gallic

    Leprechaun| FM 60| Small Fey |3 |1 |-| fun, spirited fey who enjoy playing tricks

    Leprechaun| TLP 39| Tiny Fey| 1| 4| -| a talented shoemaker, Irish

    Leprechaun (Sprite)| KDD 139| Tiny Fey| 1 |1 |+3| first rate con-artists

    Leshy |CF 15| Medium Fey (Shapechanger) |16 |24 |-| the lord of the forest and all its creatures

    Loireag| TLP 56| Diminutive Fey (Seelie) |1 |2 |-| Seelie fairy who is an expert spinner, Scotland

    Lutin| TLP 58| Tiny Fey| 1 |4 |+6 |troublesome fairies typically found on farms, Gallic

    Mezadevs|ME2 |Medium Fey| 11 |10| -| mighty and terrible spirit of the forest

    Mimi |TH2 105 |Tiny Fey (Cold)| 1| 0,5| - |frolicsome but good-natured and friendly creatures

    Mite| PB| Small Fey| 0,25| 1| -

    Monathe-Duine| CGF 73| Colossal (Tall) Fey (Earth)| 17| 40 |-| elder earth elementals

    Murdersprite| CC 139 |Tiny Fey |0,5 |1 |- |cruel and bloodthirsty saboteurs

    Navver's Curse| AU 62| Large Fey |6| 9|+1 |They live only to stalk and kill those they find in the forest

    Neak-ta| JD 34| Medium Fey (Earth, Incorporeal)| 9| 10| -| tutelary earth spirits, Oriental

    Night Terror |MM |Medium Fey| 7| 3| -| horrific and feral fey

    Non-Fairy| TLP 70| Tiny Humanoid| 2 |4 |+5 |human beings who were abducted as children and replaced with changelings

    Nymphag| ME2| Medium Fey |7 |6 |+7 |nymph whose gorgeous visage was somehow deformed

    Oakman| TH2 109| Small Fey| 3 |3 |+3 |grumpy, grouchy creatures bound to a tree

    Oakstump| ME1| Small Fey| 1| 1|+2 |loud, boisterous and gregarious

    Oberon, King of the Fairies| TLP 25| Diminutive Fey (English Trooping Fairy) |3| 6 |-| the King of the Fairies in England

    Old Man Winter| ME2| Medium Fey (cold)| 10| 13| -| powerful fey spirit inhabiting cold forests during the snow season

    Pale King| PFB| Large Fey| 6| 4| -

    Phouca| ME1| Small Fey (Chaotic)| 4| 6 |+8 |fey tricksters (pooka, Irish)

    Phooka| TH3 152| Small Fey| 3| 4| +3| tricksters and jokesters

    Pilfer Sprite| CC2 122| Tiny Fey |0,25 |1 |- |wicked and devious little fairies

    Porthungluin| CR 61| Small Fey (Incorporeal) |4| 4 |- |greater mujina trickster, Oriental

    Puck| TLP 29| Tiny Fey (Hobgoblin)| 4| 7 |-| the most famous Hobgoblin in English tradition

    Puprle Nyx |KGP 54| Small Fey (Aquatic)| 1| 1| -| mutated nixies

    Queen Mab| TLP 48| Diminutive Fey (Ellyllon)| 5| 6 |-| Queen of the Fairies, Wales

    Quickling Rogue| CoT| Small Fey| 5| 3| -| quickling with rogue levels

    Quiet Folk| CF 19 |Tiny Fey (Earth) |2 |2 |+2 |little people who prefer to live around civilization as opposed to the wilds

    Red Cap| TLP 55 |Medium Fey(Unseelie)| 3 |6| - |malignant fairy that haunts ruins, battlefields, etc, Scotland

    Redcap| TH2 127| Tiny Fey| 2 |2 |+1 |evil relatives of the brownie

    Redcap| FoSG| Small Fey| |6 8| -| tiny figure that looks like a hateful old man

    River Nymph| CC 158| Medium Fey| 3 |5| - |lithe nocturnal creatures

    Robin Goodfellow| TLP 31| Tiny Fey (Hobgoblin)| 4| 6| -| the son of Oberon and a mortal woman, English

    Roseblood Sprite| CoBV|Small Fey|3 |5| -| small humanoid creature wrapped in thorny vines

    Season Slayer*|ME2| Medium Fey| 6|varies |+6 |terrible fey spirits dedicated to hunting and slaying mortals

    Seasonal Dryad (Autumn) |AB 217| Medium Fey| 4 |4 |-| A seasonal dryad in autumn is a cautious but stern creature

    Seelie |TLP 52| Diminutive Fey| 1 |2 |+5 |generally benevolent fairies of the Seelie Court, Scotland

    Seelie Grig| AB 219| Tiny Fey (Extraplanar) |1 |0,5 |+3 |grigs watching from the ethereal plane

    Sheerie| CF 22| Diminutive Fey (Incorporeal, Swarm)| 4| 5| - |malevolent spirits that take pleasure in leading travelers to their doom

    Shrub Slayer|ME2| Medium Fey | 6|6|+6 |ghastly spirit from the forests and meadows

    Sidhe| TLP 34| Medium Fey |3 |6 |+7 |regal-looking descendents of the Tuatha de Danann, Irish

    Sileni |KDD 133| Medium Fey| 2 or 4| 5 |2 |devious satyr-like creatures, Greco-Roman

    Skaerrim| IHB 82| Medium Fey| 4| 6| -| beings of pure magic that dwell in the gap between the world of mortals and the dreamlike realm of the fey folk

    Skogsnufva| CF 24 |Medium Fey| 7 |9| - |wood woman or wood-wife, a forest spirit

    Skyquill| CC 172| Medium Fey |6 |10| -| fly among the clouds and shape them

    Spirit Elk| ME2| Medium Fey (Earth)| 3| 5 |+4| fiendish monster that climb out of some subterranean hell

    Spriggan| FM 61| Small Fey| 4| 2 |- |ugly, sharp-featured little horrors

    Storm Slayer| ME2| Medium Fey (cold)|6| 6 |+6| also called Vilas, the spirits of stormy weather

    Stroke Lad| TH3 180| Medium Fey |6 |7| -| wicked race of fey who live in abandoned manor houses and castles

    Sundered Woman |CC2 178| Medium Fey| 5| 5| - |wounded and wounding fey, sad and lost

    Sunset Slayer| ME2| Medium Fey |6| 6|+6| merciless creature that walks the harvest fields as the sun sets

    Swamp Spirits| CR 68 |Small Fey (Shadowlands, Spirit)| 0,5| 2| -| malevolent nature kami that have succumbed to corruption, Oriental

    Tanuki| CR 70| Medium Fey (Spirit)| 1| 1 |-| badger spirit, Oriental

    Taran|CGF 74| Small Undead (Incorporeal)| 5| 0,25| -| spirits of unclaimed infants that got lost in the woods on their way to inhabit fey bodies

    The Cold River| CoT| Medium Fey (cold)| 8| 10| -| towering humanoid bedecked in silver-white armor

    The Great Sea Spider| CR 27| Gargantuan Fey (Evil, Aquatic, Spirit, Shadowlands)| 16 |28| -| a powerful tainted animal spirit, king of all kumo, Oriental

    The Horde| TLP 53| Large Fey (Unseelie)| 6| 12| -| group of Unseelie fairies that flies across the sky in search of trouble, Scotland

    The Master of the Hunt| eF 10| Medium Fey |20| 15| -| The Wild Hunt

    The Old Woman of tbe Mountain| TLP 50| Medium Fey(Gwyllion)| 6| 12| - |the leaderof the Gwyllion, Wales

    Thorn Sprite| ME1 |Tiny Fey|1| 2 |+3 |malicious fey who delight in inflicting pain on passers-by

    Thornclaws| MGF| Tiny Fey| 0,25| 0,5|+0| malevolent cousins of the sprites

    Titania, Queen of the Fairies| TLP 27| Diminutive Fey (English Trooping Fairy) |3| 5| -| the Queen of the Fairies in England

    Toadstooge|ME2 |Diminutive Fey |1 |0,5 |+3 |spiteful sprites haunting the bogs and swamps

    Tombstone Fairy| TH3 188| Small Fey| 9| 9| -| wicked beings that dwell within graveyards

    True Mistji| EM 147| Medium Fey (Incorporeal)| 20| 20| -| ancient beings one with magic

    Tylwyth Teg| TLP 43| Tiny Fey| 1 |4 |+7 |larger than their Ellyllon cousins and more mischievous, Wales

    Ubagahi| JD 56 |Tiny Fey (Fire)| 5| 8| -| flying disembodied head surrounded by green fire, Oriental

    Uilloctul| MI| Medium Fey| 2 |2 |+2 |peculiar being said to live in the forests of the north

    Unseelie| TLP 52| Tiny Fey| 1 |4 |+8| uncompromisingly evil fearsome spirits, Scotland

    Unseelie Shadow Mastiff| AB 247| Medium Outsider (Extraplanar, Feyblood)| 6 |4 |+4 |they travel invisibly through the world, tracking and ambushing unwary seelie creatures

    Urban Fairy| KDD 53| Tiny Fey| 2 |1 |+3 |city-dweller of the fairy races, known as gruag

    Vetala| ME2| Medium Fey |7 |8 |+7 |wicked spirit inhabiting dead trees and graveyards

    Vila| KDD 170| Medium Fey |5 |4| -| evil, possessive nature spirit

    Wassernixe| ME2| Medium Fey (Aquatic) |4 |3 |+4 |wicked water spirit dwelling below freshwater wells and lakes

    Wise Hare| ME1| Tiny Fey| 0,5| 0,5 |+0 |hares that have mastered the craft of metalworking

    Woodland Fairy| KDD 54| Tiny Fey| 3 |1 |+6 |winged beings that care for nothing outside their own grove

    Woodsong| ME1| Small Fey| 2 |1 |+1 |fey with a particular affinity for music of all types

    Woodwose |TH3 202| Medium Fey| 10| 9| -| wicked male counterparts of the dryad

    Yosei| JD 60 |Small Fey (Avian)| 0,5 |1 |-| spirits of birds, usually cranes or swans, Oriental

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