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    Souled Flesh Golem
    Unlike a regular flesh golem a souled flesh golem contains the willing or unwilling soul of a creature from the material plane rather than an earth elemental soul. It is genderless and created with the spell create souled flesh golem (below). Its type is monstrous humanoid.

    A souled flesh golem gains +2 to strength and -2 dexterity. It has darkvision 60' and low light vision. It has a +2 to saving throws against mind affecting effects, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects, and an additional +2 to all fortitude saves except those that also affect objects. It is, however, alive (aliiiive), and it eats, drinks, sleeps, thinks and breaths.

    Spell Resistance
    It has spell resistance equal to 5 + its hit dice. A magical attack that deals cold or fire damage slows him instead (as the slow spell), with no save nor SR. A magical attack that deals electricity damage instead removes the slow condition and heals 1 HP for every 3 damage it would deal, with no save or SR. It gains any excess as temporary HP which last for up to 1 minute. This temporary HP does not stack with other jolts nor other sources of temporary HP; instead use the highest of any sources. Positive energy healing such as cure spells have no effect on souled flesh golems, though inflict spells work normally (except for spell resistance and the save bonus vs. necromancy, see above). Nonmagical sources of energy damage deal damage normally, even electricity.

    Create Souled Flesh Golem
    Level: Sor/Wiz 6

    This spell takes the soul of a deceased creature and places it into an amalgam of body parts. The creature's new race becomes a souled flesh golem. The creature must be imbued with a soul during stormy weather, or using another very large source of electricity. This spell may also be forcefully cast on a trapped soul, for example from a trap the soul spell. Otherwise this spell works as reincarnate, except as indicated.

    An alchemist's lab.

    Material Components
    Laboratory supplies costing 1,000 gp. Body parts from at least 4 different corpses. The original creature may still be raised from the dead with the remainder of the body, though in the case of a raise dead spell body parts will be missing. Assembling the body requires a DC 13 craft (leatherworking) check or a DC 13 heal check.
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