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    Default Re: Splat It! - Permanency Support (Work in Progress)

    Choking Cobwebs has some fairly insidious implications if you choose to create large quantities of Permanent Choking Cobwebs (like doubling them up for Con damage to death).

    Wall of Magma and Wall of Water are already Permanency-able, but need to be put on the list.

    I agree with the rest, but I must make special note--in my book-diving, I did find a Wall of X or X Cloud spell that had some negative effect that lasted "for the spell's duration" when contacted, or something to the effect--meaning that both the spell was clearly not meant to be Permanent, and that there are serious implications if it does. Naturally, I passed it over, but in the thousands of spells (OK, I haven't counted, but it feels like thousands) in the lists and entries that I have looked up, I've forgotten what it was.

    Just be on the lookout. :)

    Updating the spell lists with your revisions now. I have also completed my Eberron additions, and am finishing the Forgotten Realms additions. I intend to include Kingdoms of Kalamar and (what I can of) Dragonlance at a later date.

    EDIT: You edited with Wall of Ice from the Player's Handbook. This brings up a point I had been meaning to ask:

    Should I comb over the Player's Handbook and look for spells not previously allowed by Permanency to include into the list?

    I can see valid arguments being raised either way. On the one hand, there are spells that are clearly within the scope of Permanency's power as written from its existing spell list; casting Permanency on an object affected by Light, for example, is an innocuous use of Permanency. On the other hand, these spells were not included in the original spell list for Permanency, even though they were published concurrently, which suggests that it was beyond the stated intentions of these spells to be included in Permanency's writing as-is.

    This list concerns itself primarily with updating Permanency for splatbook support--where the publishers never really had a say--but I can really go either way.

    What say you, Playground?
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