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    Default Re: Splat It! - Permanency Support (Work in Progress)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dracomortis View Post
    I would be in favor of adding additional spells from the Player's Handbook, if there's no obvious way to abuse a permanent version of it.
    That works for me. I'll include an asterisk (*) next to spells that are being included in the Player's Handbook that are not on the existing Permanency list. This will immediately follow my wrap-up of Forgotten Realms and will be included in the update later today.


    What are your thoughts on including spells which emulate magical weapon properties, such as the second-level Evocation spell Burning Sword, which gives a weapon the Flaming Burst property? I ran into a number of these (not the least of which are Weapon of Impact, Sonic Weapon and Weapon of Energy, all of the Spell Compendium, and Align Weapon, Keen Edge, Magic Weapon and Magic Weapon, Greater from the Player's Handbook). I mean, theoretically they make it possible to have epic-level weapons with these properties earlier than usual (by having a weapon with pre-epic properties and then adding Permanency to them with the above spells), but it also comes with a hefty XP cost and a limited scope (assuming we skip the Artificer infusions).

    Basically, this would be extending the precedent set by Magic Fang and Magic Fang, Greater to weapons.
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