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Naturally, I passed it over, but in the thousands of spells (OK, I haven't counted, but it feels like thousands) in the lists and entries that I have looked up, I've forgotten what it was.
According to this list, which only counts the spells for the PHB & the Spell Compendium, there are 1,607 spells. From just those two books. Of course, those are the two books with the most spells, but still. Every splatbook added at least a dozen new spells, with rare exception, so that list could be much, much higher. For instance, the ELH added the non-epic spell genesis to the SRD. And here are 11 more spells that ended up in the SRD, from god knows where (Deities & Demigods? I dunno, whatever). So that at least 1,618 to look over. Good luck.