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    I agree to all the above except for Ectoplasmic Feedback, which provides a qualitative difference in access to combat-related abilities of the target. This sets it aside from enhancements such as Magic Fang, Girallon's Blessing and Sharptooth, which are quantitative, and Undead Bane Weapon, Energized Shield and Ghost Touch Armor (which affect equipment). It's for this same reason that I will not add spells like Mage Armor to the list, since Mage Armor basically gives the subject an armor score, as opposed to an enhancement bonus to existing armor.

    Affecting the subject vs. affecting the object is essentially the only difference between Bless and Magic Weapon, which makes it another point of distinction. (Magic Fang, which set the precedent that Magic Weapon is allowed on, blurs this line, but it's important to note that Magic Fang gives an enhancement bonus to a natural weapon; it does not grant the user attacks with a natural weapon, nor does it make a subject proficient in a natural weapon if they are not already.)

    I will put these up now.

    (I will not add the page numbers or errata at this time, for the sake of keeping a consistent formatting at this time, but I will store it away for when I undertake the project of page numbering for the whole list, probably sometime this week.)

    Many thanks!

    EDIT: I just noticed upon closer inspection that Girallon's Blessing produces a qualitative difference as well as a qualitative one (in addition to the additional set of arms, the subject gains the ability to make four claw attacks). This is a contradiction both of the reasoning for the rule mentioned above, as well as of my exclusion of Claws of the Bear, of the Druid spell list (Spell Compendium). Thoughts on this? Should it stay or should it go?
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