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    Default Re: Classical Greece, Dante and the 9 hells [PEACH]

    [QUOTE=Socratov;12432372]the thing is, all the saves are to be made while consious, and yes, the final paranoia is actually like a posession (should take long enough to get there though). The paranoia could heal by passing the save by more then 5, and by castings of restoration[/qupte]

    Then you should state that the saves are only made by conscious characters in your text. Assuming 8 hours of rest, and a standard 24 hours in a day, each PC would make 16 saves a day. I still think that is too many and would go with once a day.

    Obviously, Dante made all of his saving throws.

    Restoration and greater restoration will restore paranoia of half the caster level (full caster level for greater restoration)
    I think you mean that restoration and greater restoration will lower the adjustment to paranoia. Restoration lowers the adjustment equal to half the caster's level, rounded down. Greater restoration lowers the adjustment equal to the caster's level. Lesser restoration should probably just lower the adjustment by 1. Using this method, it would be quite possible to have a paranoia level less than 0.

    Otherwise, it wasn't clear. Also, caster level is two words.

    You should probably remove the spoiler for your main text. There really isn't anything that needs to be hidden.

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