good point, i'll add in a reminder that paranoia can't be less then 0

about restoration: they actually reduce the paranoia.

for example: a character(let's call him John) with 20 HD total can have a paranoia score between 0 and 20, he currently has 16 because of poor rolling. The partycleric (also lvl 20) casts resoration on him with a casterlevel of (yep, you guessed it) 20, so the cleric reduces John's paranoiascore by 20/2=10 leaving John with a paranoia score of 6. If the cleric had cast greater restoration, John's paranoia score would be {16-20;min=0}=0

John has made some other poor rolls (the poor fellow rolls natural 1's by the dozen) and ended up with a score of 26, he is currently attacking his party, but fortunately has been grappled and pinned down by the party monk with improved grapple. While pinned the cleric casts greater restoration and reducesJoh's paranoiascore to 26-20=6, thus allowing John to come to his senses again.