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    Default Re: Splat It! - Permanency Support (Work ALWAYS in Progress)

    Updated with the following spells/changes:

    Player's Handbook
    Magic Vestments - 11th - 1,500 xp (on object)

    Spell Compendium
    Girallon's Blessing - 11th - 1,500 xp (on self)

    Quote Originally Posted by ChumpLump View Post
    For what it's worth, I toss my vote in with refraining from adding qualitative spells onto the permanency list.
    Seems to open up too many doors.

    Also, the dispellability of permanency would be very devastating to a character that so relied on the qualitative difference. It would be a bit of a trap in that.

    Just my thoughts.
    Also, subscribing to this thread.
    I agree.

    Removed Girallon's Blessing and added Magic Vestments (which I had forgotten from earlier).
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