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    Alias: Ned
    Gender: It's...relative.
    Race/Species: Sentient Neutrino
    Age: Since the beginning of the Universe.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: Level 50 Awakened Neutrino (About as physically intimidating as a dying level 1 commoner)
    Power Rating: F. On the one hand he is basically utterly indestructible and almost entirely unnoticeable. On the other, he's has all the combat prowess of... well, a neutrino.
    Description: A neutrino is a tiny blob of... well... stuff that is one of the fundamental particles of the universe. He basically has no appearance because he is so utterly tiny that he barely shows up even of specialised detectors, and even just then as an utterly tiny flash of light.
    Personality: Ned is a conniving little sod who works in earnest to topple governments and destroy lives. With a massively overinflated sense of his own importance and a style that is best described as 'earnest bumbling', Ned never actually gets anywhere close to this level of important he thinks he is.
    Equipment: None. A Ultra-Ultra-Fine Microdagger of Heisenberg's Uncertianity Principle would be nice though, to help him stop moving around so much.
    Backstory: Neutrinos were created from energy in (insert creation or beginning theory here) and Ned was lucky enough to get hit by magic, gaining a voice about as loud as an ordinary human's and intelligence to match. He has done absolutely nothing with this gift.
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