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    Default Re: Splat It! - Permanency Support (Work ALWAYS in Progress)

    Just curious, for the spell Animate Weapon, if you made it permanent, if you leave the 30 feet range, can it be animated again and is it permanent? or is the spell undone if you go out of range?

    Also, what are your thoughts on things that increase abilities, skills, or attack bonuses, ect. Like True strike, Owl's Wisdom, and so on? I get its asking alot, but surely there can be a fair answer? It may be a long wait for most characters as it would be most balance at higher end levels, almost epic levels.

    The next suggestion I have is, Iron Body, the protection from X series, and maybe prying eyes, and the bigby's series.

    I'm not exactly sure the formula that is used for this spell.
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