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    Marty Aceford

    Name: Marty Aceford.




    Algnment: Chaotic-Good

    Class/ProffesionCook at The Sleeping Goblin, Ex-Sailor

    Power RatingD+

    Description: (PAST)
    Young, blond, blue-eyed. Marty usually has a smile on his face. He wears a purple petticoat with a silver vest underneath. He has a white collar and long white cuffs He has gray trousers and purple boots. He wears a purple necktie and occasionally white gloves, his attire is fancy except for a faded purple gun belt that he almost never wears. Marty is not very strong. Mentally he is much more resistant than physically. His hands are smooth and have no callouses. He has a small scar on his cheek due to a cut from Sleet's longsword that he got at a cave trying to rescue Shada. He has small dark circles on his big, shining, blue eyes. His long, clean, shining blond hair cascades to his shoulders where his hair starts to curl. Marty's face is friendly, round, and handsome. He has some old scars from cooking accidents, acne, etcetera. But he also has one scar at his cheek, going to his eye. This scar was cut by Sleet. Marty has clean fingernails and soft, white skin. Marty has excellent posture as well. Marty's voice is a happy tenor sound. He has a beautiful voice. His soft, light blue eyes radiate friendliness and love, but if you looked closer you would see an ever present hint of fear, and if you look even deeper, hate bubbles underneath Marty's lovable exterior. Hate created by years of people taking advantage of him, locking him up, people not caring if he would live or die, and finally only a few people have seen that in Marty's eyes there is a core of loneliness.

    Description: (PRESENT)

    Marty has had a rough year. He has the same blonde-hair and dark blue eyes as before. Except now he has some dark circles under his eyes which never seem to go away. Mostly because Marty finds it hard to sleep recently. He has two long scars on each cheek that both point to his mouth, both given to him by Sleet. He has light pinkish lips and pale skin. A bit paler than before. He doesn't go out as often. He always seems to have a worried look on his face. Though he's occasionally in a good mood. He covers himself completely. He wears a black turtleneck shirt along with a black coat with silver buttons. His clothes cover his scarred neck. The coat has silver cuts and he wears black gloves that hide the scars on his wrists. He has black pants with black boots with silver soles. He has a long black scarf and occasionally wears Shada's long black cloak. All he has left to remember her save some memories. He has a nervous stutter.

    Personality: Marty is very charming but doesn't get along with elves very much. He is trustful and is usually a carefree and happy soul. Marty has moments of regret and tends to have flashbacks somewhat frequently. He smiles a lot. Recently though he has had some severe emotional trauma. His house was burned, Thenadier is chasing him, and he still thinks about his dead family. He has become rather depressed.He also has a knack for cooking. Marty is a charming guy most of the time. He is very sanitary and clean. Marty has a good soul and a forgiving nature. Marty is very loyal and tends to stand by his friends. Marty has a very nervous nature around people he doesn't know.He is shy around most women and tends to blush at any attempts at flirtation. Marty has a good soul.

    Equipment: Clothing, purple gun belt, spices, prison number and tattoo branded on his wrist in tiny lettering: 24601.

    Abilities; Marty can cook wonderfully, sing, and comfort others.


    Marty's mother suffered from paranoia, schizophrenia, and temporal insanity. He used to have a fiance, named Shada, who he loved more than anything in the world. When he was a sailor, 5 years ago , he came home one night and found his home burned down. His mother had finally cracked and had burned down the house, but not before she shot Shada with Marty's own rifle. He later found out that his father, an elf miner, had been beating his mother and that is what had caused her to crack. Marty had no home. He was starving. He robbed a house to grab o loaf of bread. Thenadier arrested Marty and brought him to the Cylar prison. He served for a year before escaping. Thenadier chased him to the Nexus. Marty met his good friend Griktak, opened an inn, and swore never to use his rifle again. He helped a group of hunters who lied to Marty, they pretended that they were finding a young woman named Shada to return her to her parents. Secretly they were going to send Shada back to slavery. Marty, Shada, and Griktak escaped. Marty returned to his inn, hired some employees, and returned to his manor with Shada. Thenadier found Marty then and almost killed him. Marciano the halfling and his gang robbed Marty and burned his manor with Marty, Shada , and one of his employees: Ekandar. Marciano escaped and dragged Elkandar to the sewers. Marty's house was reduced to rubble after they were saved by an armor-clad stranger.

    Full Backstory Part 1: Thenadier
    Marius Aceford was born in Cylar to the wealthy Aceford family. When he was just nine, the families manor was robbed by a vicious group of robbers called the Chain Gang. They stole a large sum of the Aceford family wealth and even tortured Marty's mother. Soon the police had arrived, they couldn't identify the thieves. The gang escaped. The Aceford family was much poorer now. Marius had to go to a large public school called Rentfoorth. People there didn't like him due to him being richer than the rest of them. Marius was an antisocial child. He was also very intelligent. He didn't have many friends. He was friends with a young man named Thenadier. Thenadier was an aspiring policeman, his father's father's father had always been. Marty and Thenadier got along without too much conflict. Thenadier was a tall, gaunt, black haired child. His short hair was always well groomed. Thenadier liked to keep himself clean. Marty was friends with a young girl named Flora, who he had a crush on. Flora was short, brown-haired, and very pretty. They had known eachother for years. Since they were toddlers. Marius was picked on a lot. Thenadier was beaten down the most. Thenadier was very poor and his father had died. His mother remarried a horrid criminal. Thenadier despised them. Marius had gone through six years of school, he was now fifteen. Flora was sixteen. Eventually Marius stayed after school every day, just talking to Flora. One day Marius and Flora kissed eachother in the courtyard. It was around seven. Thenadier loved Flora too. He had seen them and instantly hated Marius. After about a week of Marius and Flora dated, a group of older kids decided they would pick on the pair. Flora ran. Marius was left with the group. They beat, kicked, and tortured poor, weak, heartbroken Marius. Marius was alone and battered on the side of the courtyard unconscious. Thenadier found him. Thenadier was compelled to do what was right. Thenadier took him to the schools medic. Thenadier was twenty-four when Marty was only fifteen. Thenadier had almost graduated. The medic took Marius up and healed him. Thenadier had to enforce the law and went after the group. Thenadier was caught in an alley before he caught them. Thenadier tried to arrest the group. However he just couldn't overcome all five of them. Eventually they beat Thenadier with his own billy club. Thenadier wasn't a certified policeman yet. Thenadier recognized the gang leader as an Antony Sebastien. Thenadier crawled back to school relying on his billy club as a makeshift cane. Thenadier's leg had been shattered. No one was at the school. It was midnight there. Thenadier fell unconscious in the middle of the courtyard. His bones in his leg jutted out of his skin. Thenadier almost died that cold night. Thenadier was found by Marius who tried to heal poor Thenadier with some magic he was learning. Marius's spell failed. The spell broke Thenadiers leg to the point of a lifelong wound. Marius was horrified at what he had done. Thenadier hated Marius even more. Eventually Thenadier was healed but sustained a limp. Thenadier then joined the police force.

    Full Backstory Part 2: Shada
    Marius was seventeen when he met an exchange student from somewhere called The Nexus. Shada was tall. She had long, curly, beautiful blond hair that cascaded to her waist. Shada had shining blue eyes, like Marius. They were instantly attracted to eachother. Marius loved Shada. A man named Antony Sebastien also loved her. Antony would have no other. If you recall Antony was leader of the gang that crushed Marius and Thenadier. Soon Antony was replaced by an angry halfling named Marciano L'ouvre. Antony was still bigger and stronger than Marius. Marius got engaged to Shada. They had a very special bond to eachother. Antony did not like it. At all. Marius didn't see Antony until years later. Marius had stayed with Shada every day, they were inseparable. Marius eventually got engaged with Shada. Years went by. Marius got a degree in culinary arts. Shada wrote poems. They were truly happy. When Marius was twenty-two, they married. Thenadier had heard. Thenadier needed to find a way to get back at Marius without breaking a single law. Thenadier had never broken a single rule, still hasn't. The Cylar Police Force had a major crackdown on Law Enforcements and punishments when Thenadier became The Cylar Police Captain. The law became a tyrant. Marius and Shada were happy. It wasn't to last...

    Full Backstory Part 3: Mr. and Mrs. Aceford
    Madame Sora Aceford and Governor Valjean Pontmercy Aceford were an odd couple. They were together to make money. They were involved in the criminal underworld in Cylar. They were never caught...Until Thenadier discovered that Mrs. Aceford had a gambling habit, which was illegal, Thenadier caught Mrs. Aceford and had arrested her. She was given a massive fine which brought the Aceford family wealth down to triple digits. Pontmercy was furious. Marius was not at home. Marius was with Shada. Pontmercy almost beat Sora to death. He threatened her not to tell anyone. Sora was intimidated. Marius had been walking through the square with Shada. They were laughing, kissing, they were in a special relationship. Marius was confident around Shada. She was his other half. Marius was complete with her. Marius kissed goodbye to Shada before returning home. Marius walked in as Pontmercy was beating Sora. Marius faught with Pontmercy before Marius was beaten to unconsciousness with a bottle. Pontmercy made Marius believe he was hallucinating. Marius was horrified that he had attacked his own father because he was seeing things. Marius apoligized and left for the comforts of Shada's warm skin and kind soul. That night Marius and Shada slept together. All was well in Marty's mind.

    Full Backstory Part 4: The Fire
    Five months passed. Shada was pregnant, Marius was the happiest man on Earth. Thenadier was the head of police. Marius had become a sailor for one trading journey. He was to be gone for only a month. The Aceford family was barely existing. Valjean Pontmercy Aceford still beat Sora out of anger. Sora was sinking into insanity. Shada had a whole upstairs with Marius. Marius was making good money. Antony Sebastien came up to Aceford Manor one day. Antony was let in by Sora. Sora had finally cracked and had no idea who Antony was. Antony went to see Shada. Pontmercy heard fighting. Pontmercy went upstairs with a pistol. No one hurts his sons wife. Antony had smacked Shada to the floor in a fit of rage. Pontmercy had no idea why. Pontmercy threatened Antony to leave. Antony had brought a casket of alchemists fire. Antony threw it at the floor. The upper floor instantly caught a green fire. The fire kept spreading in all directions, sealing off escapes. Antony teleported far way. Pontmercy managed to escape. Shada died in the fire. She was found. Her unborn son died too. Sora died. The police believed Soran had, in her insanity, burnt down the house. Marius returned from the voyage just as the fire was dying. Marius ran across town as fast as he could to see what happened. He was too late. Marty had rummaged through the wreckage crying. Marius hadn't cried in years. Marius's life was blossoming. He was in love, about to be a father, and he was making a good amount of money. Marius was destroyed that day. The fire killed another victim. Marius was ripped from his love, his family, his home. Marius was shaking, crying, throwing up. He was a mess. Thenadier got to tell Marius what happened. Each of Marius's tears was a success to Thenadier. Marius had nothing. He wandered the streets starving.

    Full Backstory Part 5: Prison
    Marius had no friends, no one to lean on, no one to love. Marius was starving. One night Marius robbed a woman's house. He broke a windowpane and stole a loaf of stale bread. Marius ran. Eventually the police had caught him and Marius was brought to the quarries for prison duty. They chained Marius up. Kept Marius in a small cell. Like an animal. They didn't care if Marius died or not. Marius went a little insane during the half year of prison. Thenadier was oh so satisfied by the turn of the tables. Thenadier used to have nothing, Now Marius was in his place! Marius was reduced to a quivering, nervous, shell of a man. Marius had to escape or Marius would die. Marius escaped one night. He ran across the countryside terrified, frightened that he would be caught and brought back to that hellhole that is Cylar. Marius ran. Soon he had to rest. He was drawn into his nightmares once more. Shada making love with him, to find that Shada's skin peels away revealing a burnt charred corpse. Visions of his father twisted and vile, beating his mother. Marius was alone. Alone in a sea of pain and confusion. Marius was found by Griktak who hired Marius. Marius changed his name to Marty. Marty opened up The Sleeping Goblin. Marty is haunted by the past...

    Thenadier was furious, how could he let the man go? How did he escape?! I swear I will find him.

    Miscellaneous:Marty suffers from severe depression at irregular intervals.


    Spoiler: The Evolution of Marty Aceford:
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