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    Katherine Steele

    Alias: Kate
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human. Nonhuman characters just don't seem to work for me...
    Age: 22
    Alignment: Colorless, with a hint of blue.
    Class/Profession: Machinist. Kate is from a fairly typical steam-powered dimension, and engineering is a ubiquitous skill.
    Power Rating: Ooh, this is hard. On one hand, Kate's hardly a fighter, though she can defend herself. On the other hand, a single Homunculus is a D-Rank Fighter. Kate sits at E+ personally, but can easily scale up with aid from Homunculi or Gadgets.
    Appearance: Kate is a Human Female standing at five feet and six inches in height. She weighs 126 pounds, within a natural margin of error. She has short Orange-red hair, reaching just a bit below her ears. Her eyes are a deep, vibrant blue, and a pair of dainty, ineffective-looking spectacles adorn her rather bookish, slightly protruding nose. A faint dusting of freckles lie upon her cheekbones, though her skin is otherwise flawless. Unlike her eyes, the lower half of Kate's face is completely unremarkable except for her wispy, pale lips. From the neck down, however, Kate is rather thoroughly covered in leather and loose-fitting blue cloth, with most features unremarkable. Her breasts are bound down to her chest with tighter cloth which, when combined with her loose-fit apparel, results in an almost androgynous appearance.

    Personality: While Kate would be considered almost unbearably peppy in Taelarys, she is hardly so by any other standard. While she can be deeply cynical and even paranoid, Kate is decent by the standards of most alignment systems. Still on the Neutral Axis, but closer to good than to evil.

    Equipment: At any given moment, Katherine carries a number of bits and pieces to repair or even construct things. Depending on the situation, she very well may be carrying gadgets of varying functions and sorts. If she expects trouble, she is also likely to carry a weapon of some sort. If she brings Homunculi, they will carry their heavy Durium armor, as well as an Imperial-Class Pressure Rifle.

    Abilities: Kate is a Machinist first and foremost. She engineers solutions to problems through steel and steam. However, she has been known to work as a general troubleshooter when coin runs short. While she holds no extraordinary powers beyond perhaps an above-average intelligence score, she is capable of putting together Gadgets and Homunculi with relative ease given sufficient resources and time, and as such can be surprisingly versatile when prepared.

    Backstory: Placeholder. I mean to fill this out later. Really!
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