Alias: X
Age: 12
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Profession: Child?
Power Rating: C+
Description: X always wears a pair of green boxers, dark green shorts and shirt, his dark green hooded cape, *and his pair of gauntlets.
The gauntlets themselves are obviously well made and built to take damage, implying that it might even be an heirloom.
Out from his shadows, X looks like any normal 12 year old kid with brown hair and emerald eyes.
Personality: To be developed IC.
Equipment: Faniky Gauntkets(Really fancy looking gauntlets that repair anything broken by them. Created by the Mad God)
Ablities: X can punch hard. Not Woverine hard but Hulk hard, which is surprising for his size. He's also strong, being able to pick up stuff and throw it.
He's also able to get worshippers, as he counts as a god, though they don't exactly make him more powerful, they only make him feel loved. In fact, he barely has any god powers except that he can cause someone to go mad if he wants, but he doesn't want to.

Back Story: X was created by the Mad God Sheogorath to be his son.
However, as it is the Mad God, he decided it would be more interesting if he kicked his son out of the Shivering Isles when he was 12.
Leaving the Shivering Isles with his Faniky Gauntkets and his Favorite Clothles in hand, he arrived in the Nexus.