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    Name: Shada
    Alias: 375105 (number she used to be called)
    Race: Female human, age early twenties, exact age unknown.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good.
    Class: Fighter.
    Description: Five foot, with black hair and brown eyes. She has obviously grown up without enough food. She's very thin, short and her hair is wispy.
    Personality: Shada has the equivalent of paranoid schizophrenia. She hears voices and sees objects and people who are not really there. Yet, once past this, she's a very sympathetic person with a good heart.
    Equipment: Several shabby weapons including a longsword, a mace and two daggers. One gleaming long-swords imbued with fire damage and the ability to hurl fireballs. She's very good with her longswords. She also possess two other noteworthy items. One is a normal-looking black cloak. It protects her from any incoming projectiles (arrows, bullets etc.) and a necklace which is locked. It possess no magic of any kind, but she is not able to unlock it to discover what is within.
    Backstory: Shada used to be a slave of Gnolls. Not smart enough to keep their slaves themselves, they dump them into a practically inescapable underground maze called The Pits. Every so often guards of The Pits drag prisoners up to fight in an Arena. A win means money for their gnoll masters. A lose means death for the slave. Shada was born into slavery and thrown into the pits at the age of twelve. A few weeks past her last birthday (age unknown) she managed to escape and has been on the run. Her masters have hired Catchers to find her and return her.
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