The Stelvana Trio

Kalectro Stelvana

Alias: The Stormrunner
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Profession: Stormrunner
Power Rating: 5-6, High B or Low A
Description: messy blue hair, yellow eyes, lean, pale skin, wears biker/punk clothing.
Personality: rebellious, reckless, stubborn, joking, hot-headed, impulsive, VERY protective of his siblings, loves a challenge
Equipment: None

Storm Magic:
Lightning Bolts
Tornado Drills
Electric Punch
Skystriker (His most powerful attack. Don't be anywhere within one mile when he uses it.)

He and his siblings comes from a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy Earth where humanity fought against various supernatural threats with the aid of magical super-soldiers.
When Jatone went off to become an Earth Magic Soldier to protect his family from demons, their parents soon died to an unexpected demon attack and Kalectro had to take care of his younger sister Skyrial by himself.
He soon joined the Ministry, an oppressive pro-human regime and learned storm magic, however he soon joined up with a man named Christian Eldarios, who taught Skyrial water magic and under his leadership they overthrew the Ministry and established the Guardians. Kalectro then soon found his brother who had been missing in action behind enemy lines for years and together the Stelvana trio helped Christian save the world from supernatural threats.
Now that their Earth is safe, they have gone exploring to other worlds.

Has ZERO defenses. His fighting style breaks down to pure offensive power and lots of dodging.

Skyrial Stelvana

Alias: The Aquamind
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Age: 16
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Profession: Techie/Medic
Power Rating: 5-6, High B or Low A
Description: brown hair with long ponytail, blue eyes, tan skin, wearing techie gear and labcoat
Personality: reasonable, logical, sensible, but gets angry when around stupidity. she is also kind and caring. however she can be somewhat sarcastic and deadpan, but at her core she is an optimist.
Equipment: lots of medical equipment and technology

Water magic:
Water Conjuration
Water Manipulation
Water Healing
Ice Weaponry
Ice Technology

Backstory: See Kalectro
Miscellaneous: Is a medical and technological genius

Jatone Stelvana

Alias: The Diamond Knight
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 26
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Profession: Diamond Knight
Power Rating: 6, A
Description: red combed back hair permanent muzzle, wears sunglasses, is tall, stocky and muscular, wears a thick leather trenchcoat, pants, boots and t-shirt
Personality: calm, stoic, stubborn, strong, quiet, almost tranquil, but can crack a smile once in a while, and acts like a normal brother around Kalectro.
Equipment: None

Super Strength

Earth Magic:
Earth Armor
Earth Weaponry
Earth Manipulation
Diamond Armor
Diamond Great Sword

Backstory: See Kalectro
Is the most powerful of the trio. But only slightly.