Sorry about the coupons, I really have no idea what that's about. CafePress got an earful from me about their coupon policy this year anyway. I felt that they were shortchanging Shop customers while giving people who sell through their Marketplace discounts of 30% or more, and there were no sales at all for the last nine days of the Christmas shopping season. A definite step down from previous years.

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It's a bit difficult to read the text in the speech bubbles of the T-shirt if one's standing very close (it looks like the text was printed twice, and the second time not 100% over the first time ), but from a reasonable distance (say, 0.5 to 1 meter) it's not a problem at all. I'm not sure if there was an issue with the printer, because it's *only* the text and none of the artwork, but I don't really mind (and I'm not really in the mood for trouble shoots that cost time and energy (as well as money) on both sides), so I'll just wear it this way.
For my own troubleshooting, what design was on the t-shirt?