Darrius looks down at the gnome with a puzzled expression, "Rude? Ah, you must have gotten turned about as you fell, the man who knocked you down just squeezed through the crowd, over yonder." He gestures vaguely off to his right side and continues, "I could give you a hand in going after the bugger, if you like."

lol, bluff. I don't have access to my sheet right now, so I don't know the mod right off hand (and can't remember if its one of them hidden rolls or not).

EDIT: Since things can slop around a lot, but you don't know what the first round of engagment might bring, I put 1E into everything but Worg Pelt ... you can react suddenly with missile or (if you have it out) weapon, and even burn attackers some.
Uh, instead of that, I'm also going to assume he does not have any points in the mantle of flame while walking through a crowded city street. Bumping into someone might not be an attack, but I can't see wearing a cloak made out of fire turning out well here, especially 2d6 worth of fire.

>.> Need to get me a damn sap so I can do nonlethal without provoking AoOs... I always forget to get a damn sap.