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    I had actually thought the same thing about that mantle, and there's no way I would've defaulted that to be a dihk. Bluff, like all Interaction rolls, are rolled by me. Sheet updated for worg pelt 1, no E in mantle.
    The default, running through a festival street, is that none of you have a weapon OUT and in hand, except Lazer who is flying, and he only has a wand out right now. Celiss may also have her wand of mage armor out if she wishes ... but let me know sooner than later.

    The gnome looks at Darrius incredulously with fast growing rage. "What?! I know a Big-Folk's torso when its slammed into me!"

    The inebriated gnome swings wildly, and Darrius only has to move slightly for the foolish gnome to miss entirely.

    R1T20: Though not particular deft-footed at all, the drunk recovers quickly from his 'surprise' punch. He comes in much more surely, and still not quite fully in belief, Darrius doesn't move out of the way. He charlies horses the outer side of Darrius' thigh for all of his might for max 2 NL (nonlethal) damage.

    R1T13: Darrius, It smarts a little, and this gnome is vaguely stronger than a normal, run-of-the-mill gnome - about as much as a human - so he might be a barely-trained warrior, which jives with some weak combat stance. However, he is no more a skilled brawler than yourself, Darrius. Environmentally, neither of you is 'squeezing,' but the crowd hasn't yet clued into the fact that there's a brawl in the square, so there are no other open squares to move to for combat considerations, unless you simply try to use your speed advantage to leave. Of course, there's always street cred to think of ..... what do you do?
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