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    Hey, if you want to continue the discussion about any of my 'brews, drop me a PM and I'll get the thread reopened for ya.

    Teddy Bear 3.5. What if Winnie the Pooh had class levels?

    Gnoll Variants 3.5. Dragonblood Gnolls, Gnolls who are naturaly Bards and even more to come!

    Alternative human 3.5. Think Mongrel Folk, but way better.

    Base classes:
    The Gladiator 3.5. Protects aginst decapitation, sharp swords and DM fiat.

    Elemental Incarnation 3.5. Ever wanted to BE fire?

    Blue Mage 3.5. Steal their abilities AND their stuff!

    Hexblade Fix, 3.5. Can do more with a hex and can even rewrite time!

    Paladin Fix, 3.5. Shatter the mortal coils and join the ranks of angels or demons.

    Attuned Soul 3.5. Wood and Wave, Herd and Home. Draw power from them all.

    The Beastmaster 3.5. Make the Dragon bite itself!

    Toa 3.5. Yes, the Bionical kind.

    Energy Resistance 3.5. Now even the rogue can resist fire, without any cheese.

    Cut deep, cut well 3.5. Regeneration bypass, extraordinary infernal wound AND ability to hit an ooze with a critical, all in one package.

    Badass Template, 3.5. Borderlands was epic. And now, part of it is a template.

    Malice Born 3.5. Would you like some hatred to go with your creature, sir?

    Lycanblood 3.5. Because a Natural Lycanthrope has crippling LA, and Quasilycanthrope is just DR10/Silver.

    Alternative Liches: Now your Warblade, Binder and Shadowcaster can enjoy immortality!

    Wizard spellcasting fix Spellcasting, 3.5. Wizard's were always mad, and now, they are MAD.

    Celerity fix 3.5. Less cheese, more buff.


    Invoking Paladin 3.5. Invocations for your bog standard, Teir 5 Paladin. Nothing more, nothing less.
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