R1T13: It will be a little clumsy, but Darrius tries to grapple the gnome one-handed, as he carries a heavy shield on his off-arm. But he can't quite get him. "Calm down, you drunken git'!" Darrius says to him.

R1T12: Lazer unimpeded by the crowds, takes out one of the wands and points it at the gnome. He says something in a language that only Korian can understand as the wand glows a little.

"Help!" yelps the gnome. "The mad flying dwarf is trying to take over my mind!"

R1T11: Because of the crowd, Korian can't really get to the scene so delays ...

R1T10: At the cries of the gnome and the flying dwarf with a glowing wand, the crowd presses to the outsides, making a circle. A few women might scream, but the bread-become-circus of the festival has a hungry look in people's eyes and there are chants and calls (and yes, even bets) going on.

Korian looks at Darrius, who may or may not be looking for some help to end this silliness quickly, but the junior member of Zelkarune's Horns that isn't even established enough to be called a pit boy stands inside the circle, but out of combat. "Sorry, man. Even with our mission, it's all you."

R1T9: But the "all you" factor of this battle just changed. Revealed by the circle, much as Korian and the party has been, is a half-orc. Typical mild underslung jaw with two upward protruding tusks. He wears a chain shirt and rough-and-tumble clothing (semi-worn condition), but is not armed. What is most notable about this half-orc is that he is short (for a half-orc). He is only 5'5" tall, but a stocky 185 pounds of rocky-lean muscle.

"Hey, darkie!" he calls to Darrius. "What you like pickin' on little guys? Huh? And you have your god-damned bird-dwarf try casting s**t like a p***y?

"Kurgol! Yeah, now we're gonna' show 'em! You and me!"

"Hey, Jilianth" says the half-orc, "I was gonna teach you a lesson and let him beat you down until his friend tried some queer s**t."

A quick visual size-up, and Darrius perceives that while this guy might be physically more impressive than the gnome, he doesn't look like he's going to be any better. Probably a pushover ....

The half-orc charges, roaring as he does so. Darrius instinctively puts the shield in front of himself, but holds it out to keep it steady while keeping his face distanced, expecting this guy to be foiled.

... and that's when Darrius realizes that he woefully underestimated this guy's skills. He actually runs against the shield with a little hop on his charge, but not to bullrush. With his left hand he pulls the shield against his body just to brace it while swinging over and down with a vertical haymaker that slams Darrius' outstretched bicep for 14 NL damage ... that's gonna' leave a nasty bruise. The shock to his arm tingles a lot, and already Darrius feels his adrenaline pumping hight.

R1T8.9: "Damn," spits Korian. He wheels in behind Kurgol, flanking with Darrius. That light mist of cold surrounds Korian and he only bares his claws to fend off attack. "Listen to me if you can, Kurgol, you're one of the top boxers in the city. We got other fish to fry, and lives are at stake."

R1T8: Ka'Xet, it will only take you 15' of movement to get to Kurgol on one side, or to threaten Kurgol or Jilianth on the other ... or you can be fine from range. Wwhat do you do?

R1T7.9: Celiss, you can also define your action now, as you and Ka' effectively had tied for initiative. What do you do?