Celiss moves around the group, hoping to help Korian convince the half-orc to stand down. She is, however, aware that they may be unwilling to do so. In that case, she would simply have to hope that this wouldn't take long...Her spells weren't really suited for nonlethal combat, and simply leaving this man a scorched corpse wasn't an option, even if it did seem a bit more tempting than before.

Anger beginning to rise within her, both at herself for even considering this course of action and at these two for blocking them, Celiss speaks. Right now you have a choice that most people don't get. You can help us save the life of our patron by standing down and letting us pass in peace, or you can hold us up and potentially make us too late to save her. It's difficult, but the mage manages to keep her voice fairly calm. She can tell, however, that unless they can get moving again the frantic power within her will burst forth. The arcane energy woven into her form was difficult to control - she had the feeling that the burst of darkness she had created before could be 'triggered' in the same fashion, but she doubted that this strange force was the same thing. Power bubbled just below the surface, barely kept in check, and she waited, an intuitive sense telling her that this wasn't going to become a blast of lightning or another potentially deadly effect. Perhaps it would be like that orb of shadow from before, only directed into the same sort of cone as her Burning Hands? With such an effect it might be possible to slip by them...

Moving into position, then readying an action to use my Fear SLA. Trigger is them taking action against us or otherwise seeming to continue this conflict.